" Nail preparation accessories are essential for good preparation and perfect application. The ease of removal is great with the scraper. I can't live without this kit anymore! Nathalie "

Semi-permanent varnish removal kit


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The kit contains:
🌟 1 half-moon zebra file, hardness 100/180
🌟 1 cuticle pusher
🌟 1 varnish scraper
🌟 1 desire pliers
🌟 1 4-sided nail polisher, hardness 120


A kit with accessories for applying and removing semi-permanent varnish

Your manicure kit contains the accessories for applying and removing your nail polish.

1. A 100/180 file
2. A cuticle pusher/varnish scraper
3. A desire tongs
4. A 120 polisher with 4 sides

Why choose: Semi-permanent varnish removal kit ?


Metal cuticle pushers and scrapers are ideal for pushing back cuticles and maintaining clean, neat nails. They are made of stainless steel to prevent rapid degradation. These accessories are durable and of quality to offer you the best. Contributing to the maintenance of your nails, impeccable quality is therefore essential.


With their rainbow look, metal accessories bring a touch of festivity and sunshine to your bathroom!


The application and removal kit is used before and after the manicure.


By opting for our kit, you instantly obtain the 5 essential accessories at a preferential rate. In fact, if you purchased these accessories individually, it would cost you 1.5 times more than purchasing this value pack.

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Why did we choose a cardboard file, rather than a glass or metal file?

At Awahena, our commitment to the environment translates into responsible consumption solutions.
That's why our accessories are carefully designed to promote maximum reuse.
However, when it comes to buffers and files, we have deliberately avoided using glass or metal backings, because although these materials are sturdy and reusable, they can potentially damage your nails. Likewise, our electric sander is recommended exclusively for expert users, capable of mastering its use, because improper handling could cause significant damage to the nails, requiring several weeks of care to restore them to full health.

What are manicure accessories used for?

Each accessory has its function...

1. A file to shape your nails, and avoid small nail edges that catch.

2. A cuticle pusher (or boxwood stick as in the photo) to push them towards the base of the nail, and scrape the small skin from the surface of the nail. The scraper is also very useful in the case of stubborn skin stuck to the surface of the skin.

3. A cuticle nipper, in other words a cuticle cutter, this type of scissor nipper allows you to cut extra skin, those that protrude and are not very pretty. You know the ones that some people love to snack on 😉. This is about cutting them cleanly.

4. A polisher to polish the surface of the nail, to remove all the greasy substances, the remains of varnish, and the small skins which would still be there even after having pushed them back.

5. A nail scraper is a versatile tool. It can be made up of several tips of different shapes. It is used for nail care, including scraping cuticles, pushing back loosened polish with nail polish remover, cleaning glue left on nails and preparing the nail surface before a manicure. It helps to keep the nails healthy and to obtain a correct preparation for the hold of the varnish.