Semi Permanent Nail Polish Manicure Kit

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Semi Permanent Varnish Kit

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Who dreams of having pretty painted fingernails and toenails, at any time, without going to an institute? In this manicure kit, find the products needed to properly apply semi-permanent varnish...
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Customized semi-permanent kit

Create your semi-permanent kit now. To personalize your kit, choose from the products right here 👇 First of all, you have the choice between the UV LED lamp, the semi-permanent...
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Semi-permanent varnish removal kit

A kit with accessories for applying and removing semi-permanent varnish Your manicure kit contains the accessories for applying and removing your nail polish. 1. A 100/180 file 2. A cuticle...
French Tricolore Supporter Kit - Nail Polish Trio

French Tricolore Supporter Kit - Nail Polish Trio

From 29,00€
Highlight your patriotic style with this semi-permanent nail polish kit in the colors of the French flag! If you're looking to show off your national pride or simply add a...
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Semi Permanent Nail Polish Manicure Kit - Limited Edition - Gift

From 29,60€
To offer or treat yourself, the semi-permanent varnish manicure kit! This Limited Edition box allows you to apply your semi-permanent manicures at home and be beautiful from top to bottom....

More details on the semi-permanent varnish kit and the semi-permanent

What is semi-permanent varnish?

This is a hand or foot polish that combines the benefits of classic nail polish and gel nails. The semi-permanent varnish is designed for optimal adhesion to the natural nail or nail extensions, offering a hold ranging from 10 days to three weeks, depending on the product. It is exclusively catalyzed under a UV or LED lamp to obtain its rendering and hardness.

It has the advantage of not chipping easily, and of keeping its color intact for weeks. It is ideal for active people who don't have time to regularly redo their manicure. Additionally, it is available in a wide range of colors, finishes (matte or glossy), and even patterns. Nail art enthusiasts can therefore express their creativity with semi-permanent varnish.

Conclusion, semi-permanent varnish is a versatile solution for impeccable and long-lasting nails, for the needs of many women wanting a durable manicure and avoiding frequent touch-ups.

A semi-permanent varnish manicure kit, for whom?

Busy women, working women, mothers, all those who have little time between their work, their children, their life as a couple and their multiple activities, to go to an institute to have a manicure... It's It's so nice to take care of yourself and stay beautiful through and through, but you may be running out of time.

With the kit, you have in one package, in one order, all the elements necessary for the preparation, application and removal of your varnishes. Taking a kit, ready to use, with an installation guide included saves time!

The advantages of the manicure set for semi-permanent varnish:

👍 All in 1: a nail box with manicure products to apply semi-permanent,

👍 All your manicures (on hands and feet) done at home with the kit,

👍 For beginners and more experts,

👍 Easily transportable for sublime nails wherever you want, whenever you want,

👍 Nail polishes and nail polish removers always available for your future manicures, and new colors

👍 Save over 40% by purchasing all products together,

👍 A tips guide for properly applying nail polish.