" I found this customizable semi-permanent varnish kit awesome! I was able to create my own unique color palette and lamp. It has become my essential for a manicure that lasts. Marion "

Customized semi-permanent kit

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Create your semi-permanent kit now.

To personalize your kit, choose from the products right here 👇

First of all, you have the choice between the UV LED lamp, the semi-permanent varnishes, the remover and the accessories (file, cuticle pusher, polisher, tweezers, scraper, etc.). All these items are available to garnish your semi-permanent manicure kit.

How is the kit presented? 

Excellent question! The semi-permanent kit arrives in a pretty box with all the chosen products inside. The box can be offered directly.

In each kit, an explanatory guide for applying the varnish, and for removing the varnish is offered.

How do I create my semi-permanent kit?

  1. I check everything you need to apply semi-permanent varnish.
  2. I look at what I'm missing.
  3. I choose my future products and the quantities.
  4. I add my entire selection to the cart, and I complete my order.

How long does it take for my kit to be delivered to my home (in mainland France)?

In 2 to 4 days depending on the delivery method chosen. Our preparation team personalizes your kits every day, while preparing the day's orders. No additional time is expected for the creation of the kit.

Some tips for choosing the contents of your manicure kit?

Do you already have the UV/LED lamp?

No need to buy a new one, just take nail polish and accessories! Mix colors and match them with all your outfits.

Need to ensure impeccable preparation and incredible outfit?

First, opt for a file, a polisher, and a pair of pliers, that's the minimum to get off to a good start. Subsequently, if you are missing accessories, a supplement can be made.

Preparing your nails well is the most important step in your future manicures. Especially since this is what determines the hold and adhesion of your varnish to your nail.

Are you getting into semi-permanent varnish, don't you have anything at home?

To get started well, and have a superb result at home. You are going to need these products:

- the 48 Watt UV/LED lamp which dries your varnish in 60 seconds per coat.

- one or more semi-permanent felt-tip varnishes .

- preparation accessories , then removal: file, polisher, cuticle pusher, cleanser, primer, tweezers, scraper.

- the special semi-permanent varnish remover.

Before ordering, look carefully in your drawers to see what you are missing and what you already have, to have the kit that meets your needs.

How to use my Semi Permanent Nail Polish kit?

Although semi-permanent varnish looks like a classic nail varnish, there is a very specific way of applying it, a method to follow which ensures its hold, its homogeneity and its correct drying.

All the examples, advice, videos can be found in our online blog, or on our Instagram or TikTok account. All these tips help you apply your nail polish and get your manicure or pedicure.

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