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Semi Permanent Nail Polish Remover

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Nail care: learn more about pampering your nails. How to take good care of it?

It is essential to protect your nails to maintain their health and beauty. The actions are to be accumulated on a daily basis, and when applying and removing varnish.

The 7 key points to remember.

1. Keep your nails strong: Doing everything to avoid problems such as brittleness, brittle nails, irritated cuticles, or infections is essential for their good. By taking care of your nails, you maintain their structural integrity, which is the key to your nails.

2. Avoid dehydration: Frequent removal of nail polish can dehydrate the nail plate, making it more fragile. It is important to use quality varnishes and follow a routine of application and care to maintain the hydration of your nails.

3. Reduce the risk of infections: The use of quality manicure products and adequate hygiene of your fingers and accessories, particularly when removing varnish or preparing the nail, help to reduce the risk of infection. infections or nail-related problems.

4. Promote Nail Growth: Nails that are well maintained tend to grow stronger and more regularly. By well maintained we mean the cuticles pushed back as required, the structure of the nail preserved during the cutting of the small skins, the application of appropriate products to your nails, etc...

5. Prevent discoloration: Several factors can discolor nails. Among other things, tobacco, lower quality varnishes, a non-existent or forgotten base coat. These discolorations can be avoided by limiting or eliminating exposure to the elements causing them.

Find the right treatments for you and create your nail care routine:

Use a mild remover or one suitable for semi-permanents:

Opt for a nail polish remover without acetone to avoid drying out your nails and introducing this substance into your body.

The special semi-permanent nail polish remover, capsules and false nails quickly removes varnish or glue, being applied only to the varnish itself.

Hydrate well and regularly:

Apply moisturizer to your hands and nails after removing polish to maintain hydration. Apply cream daily or even more during cold periods. Remember to drink water.

Apply a base and a top coat or a 3in1 (a varnish already containing them):

Before applying new polish, use a protective base coat (called a base coat) to protect your nails from pigments and potentially harmful substances. Also use a top coat to seal the polish and extend its life, reducing the frequency of removal.

Do strengthening treatments:

Strengthening treatments, rich in vitamins and minerals, help strengthen your nails from the inside. Follow the instructions for effective use.

By following these simple steps and choosing quality products, you can protect and maintain your nails so that they remain healthy, strong and beautiful, even when you frequently use nail polish or other manicure procedures.