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" This express nail polish remover is a revelation! It removes semi-permanent polish in the blink of an eye without drying out my nails or irritating my skin. A must for an uncompromising manicure. Aisha "

Semi Permanent Nail Polish Remover


Delivery in 2-3 days, free from 35€ of purchases

✅ Protects nails and skin
✅ Fast: action in 4 minutes
✅ 1 real removal, without tearing out your nails
✅ Economical: 15 deposits included
✅ Eco-friendly: without cotton pads and foils


Are you wondering how to remove semi-permanent varnish? Without acetone and quickly? Opt for the magic nail polish remover!

We know the subject of varnish removal well at Awahena. This is why we offer you a Semi Permanent Remover designed for this type of varnish!

Our express nail polish remover, also called magic nail polish remover , is the best solution for removing your semi-permanent varnishes quickly, without damaging your nails and WITHOUT acetone.

How do I remove my semi-permanent varnish as quickly as I applied it? It’s definitely possible with nail polish remover!

Before applying your nail polish, the question "and then how to remove this magnificent semi-permanent varnish?"
The solvent is for removal, what the UV lamp is for installation: ESSENTIAL AND ESSENTIAL.
For removal without damaging your nails, a good nail polish remover is key.
Now you no longer need to worry about how to remove your nail polish when you apply it.
With the remover, 100% of the varnish is completely removed.
Which nail, or build, will I use my nail polish remover on? your natural nail, on your gel construction, false nails or capsules . Once applied, its action is immediate, and without damaging the nail or your cuticles.

How does this semi-permanent remover preserve your nails?

Removal could involve filing, scraping, tearing off, peeling off the well-attached nail polish. This damages the nail plate, weakens and weakens your natural nail or even worse, if the upper layer of keratin is torn off.

Now we take the express remover and after 4 minutes the semi-permanent comes off by itself.

Second advantage, no longer soak your nails in an acetone bath for 15 minutes. No more papillotes and acetone baths (we described it before offering you this nail polish remover).

A revolutionary application method, to be adopted by both nail addicts and semi-permanent beginners.



The remover comes in a gel formula with an applicator brush in a bottle.
15ml bottle, this nail polish remover can be easily transported with your manicure kit.

Why choose: Semi Permanent Nail Polish Remover ?


Preserve your skin and your health!
There are differences between acetone and non-acetone remover, as well as in the removal techniques depending on their consistency. At Awahena, we offer an acetone-free gel polish remover designed to be applied only to your polish, without penetrating your skin, which is beneficial to your health. The remover only attacks nail polish.


In just 4 minutes, our gel remover does the job, effectively removing semi-permanent polish.
You can say goodbye to pre-filing or sanding your nails because our gel does all the work on its own.
Whether for your hands or feet, it is perfect. You have the flexibility to use this product at any time, whether for a single nail or for all your fingers.
It's the freedom of a drop-off without constraints, without an appointment!


This versatile remover works effectively on all semi-permanent polishes, including those with glitter, nail arts, nail jewelry and rhinestones. It is suitable for all brands of varnish, even other than Awahena: OPI, Meanail, Peggy Sage... For resistant glitter varnishes, it may be necessary to apply the remover twice and leave to act to remove the glitter.


Remove your nail polish at home as effectively as in a salon at a reduced price. This involves using a scraper and our nail polish remover. No more soaked cotton pads, huts, or accessories of any kind. Our magic nail polish remover is all you need. It is placed directly on the nail, without requiring devices, sanders or dissolving baths. Unless you prefer these methods, of course!

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