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Les 12 teintes de vernis à ongles dans le coffret
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" The big advantage for this kit is the savings I make every month! Costs much less than going to an institute, and if you practice well you have a nice nail polish for at least 10 days. Then I easily remove it with nail polish remover and start again! Maria "

Semi Permanent Varnish Kit

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✅ Low price! Less expensive as a kit than the products alone
✅ Beauty! Pretty nails all year round
✅ Freedom! You apply your varnish at any time
✅ Easy! Everything you need in 1 kit!
✅ Super complete, for hands, feet, and those of your friends!
✅ Over 1 year of manicure in one kit


Who dreams of having pretty painted fingernails and toenails, at any time, without going to an institute?

In this manicure kit, find the products needed to properly apply semi-permanent varnish at home like a pro and have magnificent nails, and a finish like in a beauty salon

The kit exists in 3 versions, why?

Each version of the kit provides a turnkey solution adapted to the needs of women. Considering your requests, we have created these kits:

😎 ESSENTIAL: a small but sturdy kit! It brings together the essential products for your semi-permanent manicures.

This kit is for you if you already have manicure accessories and want to try our products for the first time!

🤩 ADVANCED : the kit to offer to those who love pretty nails!

This kit is for you if you're looking to get a professional look in no time. The kit allows you to successfully prepare your nails, apply the varnish, and remove it.

😍 PREMIUM : the ultimate kit for beautiful, strong, polished nails!

This kit is for you if you are looking to have sublime manicures all year round. Keep and make your nails stronger, while varnishing them whenever you want.

1 UV LED lamp
12 varnishes
Duo Red Limited Edition
2 Solvents
File, polisher, scraper
Cuticle pusher, desire pliers
1 treatment 2 months

Recommended by more than 9000 Women and Moms 👍

    Why choose: Semi Permanent Varnish Kit ?


    You put your varnish wherever and whenever you want, thanks to your complete kit. With all the elements you need for a successful manicure and its removal, there is no need to make an appointment at a salon. You are free to choose your moment, even watching your favorite series once the children have gone to bed!


    A year of manicure with a variety of varnishes is a reality thanks to our kit!
    As a bonus, our UV LED lamp accompanies you for life, adapting to all semi-permanent varnishes. No more unnecessary expenses, make way for unlimited use for impeccable nails as long as you want. Don't let the beauty of your hands depend on a planner and your wallet.


    From classic manicures to the most trendy creations, our range of semi-permanent varnishes offers you endless possibilities. Their shiny and modular texture makes it easy to create any type of nail art, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. With perfect coverage in just two coats of color, you'll get flawless results every time!


    You're busy, like most of us, and taking care of your nails can be a real challenge. The semi-permanent varnish gives you an impeccable manicure that lasts more than 10 days without worries. If you want even longer wear, add a layer of top coat for a perfect finish.

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