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UV Nail Lamp - UV LED Lamp

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✅  Lampe contrôlée et garantie
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✅  Même fonctions qu'une NEUVE
✅ 24 Leds / 48 Watts / Socle détachable / Minuteur


The essential machine for drying semi-permanent!

Apply the varnish, slide your hand (or foot) under the UV Nail lamp. In 60 seconds, the varnish is dry to the touch.

Why choose this UV Nail Lamp?

Semi-permanent UV LED manicure lamp

👍 The lamp dries semi-permanent varnishes, UV gel, resins, permanents...

😎 Easy to use. The UV lamp catalyzes all your fingers evenly and quickly. When you choose a lamp with uniform and rapid drying, you are guaranteed a quality result .

🤩 Innovative design, in half shell, to slide your entire hand or foot in, in one go.

⏱ Timer with counter (10/30/60/99 seconds). Manual choice of time or automatic triggering as soon as you slide your hand under the lamp.

💃 The power of the lamp is 48 Watts and 24 LEDs , to perfectly catalyze all the varnishes in this family. In other words, it dries Awahena varnishes and all other brands .

🦶 Detachable base for drying foot polish.

💅 Lamp sold alone or in the Semi Permanent Varnish Kit .


How to use UV LED nail lamp? Everything you need to know about the lamp is here:

How long does it take to dry varnish with the UV LED lamp?

The lamp catalyzes, meaning it dries the layer of your semi-permanent varnish in 60 to 90 seconds. Sometimes it takes a longer time depending on the UV gels or builder gels you will use.

In principle, each brand indicates on its product the drying time by type of lamp.

In conclusion, in record time , the power of the lamp hardens the semi-liquid material and your nail is covered with a pretty shiny, glittery, or matte finish.

Can the lamp be used on all types of nails: natural nails or construction nails?

YES ! The lamp can be used with many supports. Namely on natural nails, false nails, capsules, gel construction, resin with or without stencil. The operation of the lamp remains the same, only the drying time varies. The curing result is identical.

To be very clear, with your lamp you catalyze all these materials, and you catalyze the semi-permanent placed on these materials .

UV nail lamp toenail dryer

Can the nail lamp be used for fingernails and toenails?

Indeed, this 2 in 1 UV / LED machine is used for hands and feet. It has a detachable base for easy use during your pedicures. You remove the base of the machine and place the lamp easily on the ground to dry your toes.

Tips: position the tips of the nails centrally under the dome of the lamp to obtain the best result.

We can never say it enough, drying and hardening your varnish is essential!

Better than the solo lamp, the mini lamp or the one where only one finger is dried, with our machine, your entire hand or foot dries in one go.

Ultimately, choosing it is choosing a professional UV LED lamp with the guarantee of uniform drying for all fingers and quality , essential for this type of nail polish!

Should I dry the 2nd and 3rd coats of my nail polish longer?

Well... That's not necessary. Each layer hardens in an equivalent time , whether it is the first, second or third layer, with the same varnish of course.

For example, your varnish dries in 60 seconds, you will cure under the lamp for 60 seconds for each coat.

Dry each layer as quickly as you apply it.

Only the material placed on your nails can vary your drying time (between varnishes, gels, etc.)!

Will my hand tan under the lamp?

Your lamp is not a tanning device. Your hand won't tan, and don't try to swipe it on other parts of your body in the hopes of achieving a more tanned complexion. This won't work, and we don't recommend it. The lamp is not designed for tanning.


An easy-to-carry lamp

Your lamp can be taken anywhere, it will be the essential beauty accessory for your manicure and beauty kit. You will take it everywhere to give a boost of shine to your nail polish, change the color of your nail polish, or do a touch-up.

Nail machine features

Material: white hard plastic (PVC)
Instructions for use: connection to the mains

Always use the power cable supplied with the Awahena lamp, it is designed specifically for use with your UV lamp.

The light is treated, which will not cause harm to your eyes or skin.

This is a UV LED machine for drying nail polish and it is not a toy, it is strongly recommended not to let your children play with this device.
Always unplug your CCFL lamp after use.

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Que vais-je recevoir si j'achète un produit Seconde Vie?

Awahena propose une Seconde Vie à des produits avec de légères imperfections, offrant 70% de réduction. Contrôlés, fonctionnels, mais non retournables, une chance d'achat éco-responsable.

Tous les articles manucure pourront-ils être séchés par la lampe UV Seconde Vie ?

Tous les vernis, gel, stickers dits UV, qui ont besoin d'être durci par l'action des UV sont utilisables avec cette lampe. Si vous utilisez des produits non UV, la lampe ne permettra pas de les catalyser. Un vernis à ongles classique sèche à l'air libre directement.

À l'inverse si vous avec des vernis UV et que vous n'avez pas de lampe, alors ils ne pourront jamais durcir et sécher. La lampe UV est indispensable.