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" I love this nail file! Its rounded shape makes my nails easy to file. The 100/180 grit is perfect for precise and smooth filing. An essential accessory in my manicure kit. Justine "

Nail file 100/180 “Effective”

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A premium quality 100/180 nail file

This fine 100 grit and thick 180 grit file is your essential accessory for your manicures and the daily maintenance of your nails.

Sold individually.

Material: Cardboard


Length: 7 inches
Width: 3.6 cm
Thickness: 2.8 cm

Grit: 100/180

Why choose: Nail file 100/180 “Effective” ?


Made from premium materials, the file allows for 50% more usage on average than most files. The sturdy cardboard and sponge are designed not to crumble, and the top coating for long abrasion showing little signs of wear.


This file offers two distinct sides, each suited to particular needs. One is ideal for filing thicker nails, such as gel nails, acrylic nails, or shaping caps. The other side is specially designed to gently file thin or even fragile natural nails, then gently sand the nail plate during preparation.


Designed for efficient and gentle filing, they reduce the risk of breaking your nails, which also extends the life of your nails.


Excellent grip to give the ideal shape to your natural nails, or gel nails. The file is used according to the nail filed on the curved or curved side to obtain the best possible result.

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