" This polisher is a gem for obtaining a smooth and shiny surface. Its rectangular shape makes it easier to hold. I love how it preps my nails before applying polish. They also leave a flawless, professional finish on my natural nails. Sabrina "

Nail polisher - 4 sides - grit 120

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Have you ever wanted to get perfectly prepped nails for a stylish manicure or neat pedicure?

If this is your case, a practical and easy solution is available to you: the 4-sided nail buffer.

This nail care tool plays an essential role in preparing and finishing your nails, whether for a neat manicure or a flawless pedicure. The nail buffer with a grit of 120 hardness proves to be a versatile companion within your manicure kit, offering a practical 2-in-1 function.

What are you going to do with this polisher?

Using it, you can not only precisely adjust the length of your nails, but also smooth and even out their surface. Its abrasive properties help remove uneven edges and stubborn dead skin around the nails, leaving a clean base for your manicure.

How is it used?

The crucial aspect of using this tool is the filing or polishing technique. To avoid weakening your nails, it is recommended to always work in one direction, avoiding back and forth movements that can cause damage.

This accessory can be taken everywhere

Its size and its 2IN1 function are other assets for this polisher. Its compact size makes it ideal for daily use at home or on the go. Its dual role as file and polisher helps lighten your manicure kit, saving you from having to carry multiple accessories.

In short, the 120 grit nail buffer is an essential accessory for maintaining your nails with precision and ease. In one tool, it offers a complete solution for filing, polishing and preparing nails, helping you achieve a professional result whether you are at home or traveling.

Sold individually.

Material: Foam


Medium 120 grit polishing block.
Material: sponge
Twist: possible
Dimensions: 9.5cm * 2.5cm * 2.5cm

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Why is nail preparation so important?

Nail preparation is important for the following reasons:

👍 Promotes product adhesion: Proper preparation of the nail allows all manicure products, such as nail polish, gel, or acrylic, building bases to better adhere to the surface of the nail nail, thus ensuring longer wear and less chipped or peeled varnish.

👍 Improves Nail Surface: Preparing the nail contributes to a smooth, even surface, providing an ideal backdrop for applying nail polish or nail art, improving the overall appearance.

👍 Contributes to comfort: filing, polishing and smoothing nails appropriately helps eliminate rough edges and rough edges that could cause discomfort or scratching.

👍 Prioritize hygiene and health: careful preparation of the nail also helps maintain good hygiene by preventing dirt and bacteria from lodging under the nail or between the varnish and the edges of the skin.

How does the nail buffer contribute to this good preparation?

👍 Surface smoothing: The polisher helps soften and smooth the surface of the nail by removing imperfections, making it more beautiful, and making it easier to apply varnish or other manicure products.

👍 Removal of rough edges: it helps to eliminate small roughness or streaks on the nail and its boards, thus ensuring a uniform surface.

👍 Preparation for polishes, gel or acrylic: Before applying products such as gel or acrylic, polishing prepares the nail by creating a grippy surface for better hold.