Vernis semi permanent Noir - 06 Rebel icious
Vernis semi permanent Noir en feutre

" An elegant gothic style that enhances my nails with a touch of mystery. Laura "

Black semi-permanent varnish - 06 Rebel icious

14,90€ 5,90€ SAVE 9,00€

Color: 06-Black


Delivery in 2-3 days, free from 35€ of purchases


Semi Permanent Black Nail Polish in 5 points:

  1. Incomparable shine

  2. Uniformity across the entire nail

  3. Full coverage with 3 layers

  4. A precise and quick manicure

  5. Possible pose on hands and feet

    A deep and rebellious black, a black that inspires many women and many looks!

    How many coats for black semi-permanent varnish?

    This semi-permanent black varnish is a shiny, very covering varnish, in 2 coats, the result is magnificent.

    You will apply 3 coats if you want a thicker finish, and longer durability of the varnish.

    Why choose: Black semi-permanent varnish - 06 Rebel icious ?

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