" This limited edition duo kit is a find! The intense red and burgundy shades are sublime, easy to apply, and the control gauge makes the experience perfect. Ideal for being on top every day, and knowing when to order. I am really happy. Manon "

Semi Permanent Duo Kit - LIMITED EDITION

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💅 Great gift to give
💅 Limited edition: Premium version markers
💅 Quality and innovation of Awahena varnishes
💅 Varnish level monitoring gauge
💅 The 2 Best Colors in the range: 2 Red Nail Polishes
💅 Presentation alone or in a box


Warning: Limited Edition! 💅 Discover our Limited Edition Duo of Semi-Permanent Nail Polish in Gold Metal 💅

✨ Attract all eyes with this exclusive duo that combines elegance and innovation. Our semi-permanent gold metal polishes are designed to give you a perfect manicure, every time.

This Limited Edition semi-permanent nail polish set consists of 2 semi-permanent varnish pens with the colors : n°1 Intense red and n°2 Burgundy red.

Let yourself be seduced by this limited edition, born from the search for an exclusive and premium version of Awahena markers in the classic range.

These 2 pens are in gold metal. They contain the two colors of varnish from our range that you appreciate the most.

They will slip into your manicure kit and complete it with taste.
It’s a wonderful gift to give or treat yourself. The nail polish box is also available integrated into the semi-permanent varnish manicure kit.

What is the difference between the classic collection and the varnishes in this semi-permanent nail polish set?

  • 💅 Premium gold metal version of Awahena felt-tip varnishes
  • 💅 All the quality and innovation of Awahena varnishes: immediate, easy, economical drying.
  • 💅 Limited Edition launched once a year
  • 💅 Varnish level monitoring gauge
  • 💅 The 2 Red Nail Polishes most loved by our customers
  • 💅 Presentation in a manicure box ready to offer

Semi-permanent nail polish in box

Capacity per varnish: 2ml

Additional Details

Capacity: 2 ml per marker

Why choose: Semi Permanent Duo Kit - LIMITED EDITION ?


Whether you're a professional or a beginner, this semi-permanent polish applies easily and evenly. The metal felt with its applicator brush allows excellent grip and precise application of the product on the nail.


Treat yourself or a special someone to a truly unique gift with our limited edition semi-permanent polish duo. With only 1000 copies available, this special edition is a true gem that you will be proud to give or receive. It's much more than just a polish, it's an exclusive that only a lucky few will be able to own. Show your love with this exceptional gift that will add a touch of sparkle to every day.


Our limited edition of semi-permanent nail polish in gold metal offers you a unique chance to access an exclusive product that includes the 2 colors most requested by our customers. With its elegant design and metallic finish, this polish allows you to create unique, sophisticated and 'red' looks for all occasions. Be at the top of the trend with this limited edition polish, designed for women who appreciate luxury and originality.


Have you ever experienced this frustrating situation when using your concealer pen or other pen polishes? You're in the middle of a makeup or manicure session, and suddenly, no more product! With our level gauge, you can be sure that you always know how much varnish you have left, thus avoiding any unpleasant interruptions during application! 📏✨

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Why not take the limited edition duo of semi-permanent gold metal varnish?

Choosing between the Limited Edition Metallic Gold Semi-Permanent Nail Polish Duo and our classic felt-tip polishes depends on your personal preferences and needs. The limited edition duo is a fantastic option if you're looking for something truly exclusive and luxurious. It offers beautiful gold metal, a polish level tracking gauge and a limited edition of just 1000, making it a perfect choice for beauty lovers looking for originality.

However, our classic felt-tip varnishes also have a lot to offer. They are designed for quick and easy installation, making them an excellent choice for those who value practicality. Plus, they're lightweight and portable, ideal for quick touch-ups while you're on the go. With a diverse range of colors, our classic felt-tip polishes will suit every style and occasion.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you are looking for an exceptional product and exclusivity is essential to you, then the limited edition duo is the preferred option. If practicality and color variety are what you're looking for, our classic felt-tip varnishes are here to meet your needs. Whatever your preference, our goal is to satisfy you with high-quality products that will enhance your nails with every use.

What to do with metal markers once they are empty?

We know that our limited edition metal pens are not refillable or reusable, and we are working to fix that! In the meantime, we have an ecological solution for you! Rather than throwing them away, we offer you an EXCHANGE PROGRAM.

If you return your empty metal markers to us, we will send you in exchange a dematerialized voucher to use at any time on the site or with some of our partners.

This way you can continue to enjoy our beautiful colors while helping to reduce waste. We believe in sustainability and protecting the environment, which is why we implemented this program to offer a planet-friendly alternative to our customers. So, don't throw away your metal markers, exchange them for an unlimited choice of colors!