Manucure Vernis Semi Permanent Rose Fuschia
Feutre Vernis Semi Permanent Rose Fuschia

" A touch of boldness and elegance for captivating nails with this Sexy Pink. My hands are eye-catching! Celia "

VSP Fuchsia Pink - 04 Sexy Mama

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Color: 04-Pink-Magenta


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Offre cadeau 6 vernis offerts pour 1 lampe UV achetée

The Sexiest pink of all our 3in1 semi-permanent, for a lighter shade apply 2 coats, for a stronger shade apply 3 coats!

It has become a must-have in your manicure kit: Fuchsia pink semi-permanent varnish, Sexy Mama!

Details of the fuchsia pink semi-permanent varnish:

How to match the fuchsia pink of your nails to your outfits without fault in taste?

First of all, let's avoid the total fuchsia look: the nails, the mouth, the hair, the jacket, the pants, the shoes...

For a good match between your hands or your feet, you have two options. The first is to choose clothes in a lighter tone, beige, cream, uniform, multifaceted, glittery or iridescent.

The second on the contrary, a total black look. The fuchsia pink is immediately highlighted and brightens up the black color.

When to wear fuchsia pink nail polish?

A very bright color, often worn for sunny days and summer months. This floral shade reminds us of Fushia, Indian Lilac or Phlox flowers... which appear in spring.

You easily wear this color between the months of March to August.

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Capacity 2 ml

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