Kit manucure pose depose vernis semi-permanent awahena

Semi-permanent varnish removal kit

A kit with accessories for applying and removing semi-permanent varnish Your manicure kit contains the accessories for applying and removing your nail polish. 1. A 100/180 file 2. A cuticle...
Lime à ongles présentation et grain

Nail file 100/180 “Effective”

A premium quality 100/180 nail file This fine 100 grit and thick 180 grit file is your essential accessory for your manicures and the daily maintenance of your nails. Sold...
lampe uv ongles awahena

UV Nail Lamp

The Impeccable Varnish Challenge The problem is known: after spending time applying the semi-permanent varnish or UV gel, there is still one obstacle to overcome - drying. To make your...
Nail polisher - 4 sides - grit 120

Nail polisher - 4 sides - grit 120

From 2,80€
Have you ever wanted to get perfectly prepped nails for a stylish manicure or neat pedicure? If this is your case, a practical and easy solution is available to you:...
Cuticle pusher 'Goodbye to Small Skins'

Cuticle pusher 'Goodbye to Small Skins'

Cuticle pusher 'Goodbye to small skin' The 'Farewell to small skins' is a quartz cuticle pusher, which allows you to both push back and remove from the surface of the...

More details on manicure and pedicure accessories

Manicure accessories are your essential allies for impeccable nails. Are you just starting out, starting to take care of your hands, or are you used to hand beauty?

Find out how these tools will transform the results of your nail care routine. Make your manicure experience a pleasant one, with visible results on your hands and feet.

Whether you're looking for naturally groomed nails or want to express your creativity with custom nail art, these accessories are designed to give you a salon-worthy manicure.

A quick overview of 9 key accessories:

  1. Nail file: in all shapes and sizes, it allows you to obtain perfectly shaped and uniform nails. Customize the shape of your nails and create a unique look every time.

  2. Nail buffer: the essential accessory for achieving healthy, natural-looking nails. Smooth the surface of your nails, eliminate streaks and give yourself a shiny finish.

  3. Cuticle Pusher: Reveal a clean, manicured nail surface by pushing back your cuticles. A well-maintained cuticle beautifies your nails and prevents possible problems.

  4. Nail Clippers: Start by trimming your nails, then adjusting with a file is a great way to quickly achieve the desired nail size. With a smoothed and cut nail, avoid snags, breaks and disappointments of all kinds.

  5. Desire tweezers: These fine tweezers allow you to remove small loose skin around the nail with complete precision, ensuring an impeccable finish. Learn how to use it properly so as not to hurt yourself.

  6. Nail brush: After the filing and sanding steps, file the impurities under your nails and in the corners of the nail surface. From hard to soft bristles, the brush guarantees optimal hygiene and a clean manicure.

  7. Cuticle scissors: Cuticle scissors allow you to gently trim excess cuticles and only the 'dead' part that protrudes.

  8. Nail art brushes: depending on your decoration needs, opt for a bristle brush or a silicone tip. They are essential for creating personalized patterns and handling certain materials (powder, rhinestones, decoration, zircon and much more).

  9. Dotting tool: decorate your nails with small circles, lines or designs of any style using this small metal pen, with different tip sizes. Become your nail stylist and get noticed!

At each stage of your hand beauty routine, take the right accessory for the good of your hands and feet. Take advantage of the benefits of these tools to achieve healthy, beautiful nails that reflect your style.