French Manicure


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Nail polisher - 4 sides - grit 120

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Cuticle pusher 'Goodbye to Small Skins'

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The French Manicure: timeless French elegance!

French Manicure, literally "French manicure", is a nail manicure technique that has conquered the whole world thanks to its timeless elegance and refined simplicity.

Its origin dates back to the 1970s in France, where it was created by famous manicurist Jeff Pink. He was looking for a solution for Hollywood actresses whose need was to have flawless, multi-use nails for the various roles they played. Thus was born the French Manicure, a technique which enhances natural nails by playing on the appearance of the white lunula and the pink tip.

The traditionally created French Manicure consists of applying a white or beige varnish to the free edge of the nail, followed by a layer of transparent varnish over the entire nail. This creates the classic French nail effect, recognized at the time for its neat and discreet appearance. Over the years, this technique has evolved to include more daring variations, such as the Reverse French Manicure, where the shades are reversed.

In recent years, the world of manicure has undergone developments linked to the new demands of women.

New manicure trends, products and techniques have emerged. Holographic, chrome, matte, and designer nails have become popular and even essential. Pastel, flashy colors and artistic patterns appear on our nails. Gel manicures, nail extensions, and the use of semi-permanent polish have become widespread, offering long-wearing, a solution to all nail types, and hands that match your style.

The French Manicure, although timeless, has adapted to these small revolutions. We now see French-style nails with subtle color gradients, matte or glossy finishes, or complex ornaments.

The emphasis is on individuality, allowing everyone to express their personality through their nails. Ultimately, French Manicure, although old, has been renewed thanks to these new trends. The very essence of French is always preserved, it adapts to new developments. Thank you to all the nail artists who contribute to it for our greatest pleasure!