" This express nail polish remover is a revelation! It removes semi-permanent polish in the blink of an eye without drying out my nails or irritating my skin. A must for an uncompromising manicure. Aisha "

Semi Permanent Nail Polish Remover

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Answers to all your questions|||<h2> + MANICURE TIPS...</h2>

<h4> What accessory is used to push back loosened varnish?</h4>

<p> We recommend a boxwood stick, or a non-cutting triangle head scraper, or sticks with soft tips to push back loosened varnish.</p>

<p> The metal cuticle pusher scraper is strongly not recommended unless you have experience, because by pressing too hard you could damage the surface of your natural nail.</p>


<h4>If there is any polish left on the edges or tips of the nails, can I remove it?</h4>

<p> Tearing off your polish is very bad for the nail surface. Every time you do this, you damage your matrix and weaken your nail. Even for a partially removed manicure, we advise you to apply the nail polish remover to the remaining part of the nail polish. Under the effect of the solvent, the varnish will come off very easily.</p>


<h4> What to do once the deposit is done? Nail care?</h4>

<p> After removing the varnish, it is essential to wash your hands with soap and apply treatment to your nails. They remained hidden from light for several days, a booster will help them recover from this lack of light and open air. Apply a moisturizing hand beauty cream, then castor oil to the base of your nail, massaging for 3 to 5 minutes so that the treatment penetrates.</p>


<h4> What to do if your natural nail has been damaged or weakened?</h4>

<p>Several manicures in a row without a break, or an unfortunate desire to 'scratch' your polish, and now your nails are brittle, soft, or streaked. To restore your nail, let me tell you, between 1 to 3 months are necessary. Start by applying a reconstruction varnish and nourishing your cuticles every evening with castor oil. After around thirty days, your nails will regain better shine and strength. Continue for as long as necessary.</p>



<h4> Can I remove the semi-permanent applied to artificial nails, false nails, gel nails or glued capsules?</h4>

<p> <strong>It is possible,</strong> this solvent by its chemical composition will dissolve and cause your nail polish to flake only and it will have no action on your gel construction or your glued capsules.</p>

<p> As filing is not necessary, you do not weaken your capsule or false nail and you can apply a new varnish immediately afterwards.</p>


<h4>Does it take off with all nail polish colors?</h4>

<p> This magical remover removes all shades of semi-permanent varnish with the same effectiveness.</p>


<h4> Does this remover remove glitter polish?</h4>

<p> Yes, although they are more stubborn, the semi-permanent nail polish remover will dissolve them. It is possible for these varnishes that two applications of the remover are necessary. You have to leave it until the glitter comes off.</p>


<h4> <strong>How to do with Nail Art or Rhinestones?</strong>

<p> You have placed decorations on your nails, under the gel remover, they will come off with the varnish.</p>


<h4> <strong>A varnish from another brand?</strong>

<p> In your manicure kit, opi, meanail, peggy sage varnishes, also remove them with our nail polish remover, it works.</p>

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<h3> Can I remove nail polish without nail polish remover?<br>

<p> Strongly not recommended for the sake of your nails!</p>

<p> For classic semi-permanent or 3 in 1 varnish, the remover designed for semi-permanent varnishes is essential.</p>

<p>You will notice some differences between acetone remover and non-acetone remover, as well as the removal techniques, depending on the consistency of the remover. This is why at Awahena we have chosen an acetone-free gel remover which is only applied to your nail polish, and which is not applied to your skin.</p>




<h4> Do I need papillotes, cotton soaked in acetone and aluminum foil or a device?</h4>

<p> No more need with this foil remover. Apply the remover directly, it holds on your nail alone and under its action the varnish comes off.</p>

<p> It's the same, no need for a device, sander or solvent bath to remove the semi-permanent varnish.</p>


<h4> What do you think about sanding or filing the varnish?</h4>

<p> With this Awahena nail polish remover gel, there is no need to sand or file the first layer of your varnish. If, with an application of nail polish remover, the varnish does not come off well enough, reapply the product a second time and let it act.</p>

<p>This is a technique reserved for 'experts' in nail work, and nail technicians, because poorly done, it can injure you. It is mainly used to remove permanent varnishes, or stick-on or gel capsules.</p>


<h4> Can I file my nails after removal?</h4>

<p> After removal, it is entirely possible to file your nails to maintain their shape and shorten them. It’s even recommended!<br></p>


<h4> Final tips:</h4>

<p> The product is made to be applied over the varnish, stay precise and don't put it around the nail on the edges of your skin.</p>

<p> Finally, if the product stings your skin, remove it immediately with a cotton pad, then rinse with clean water.</p>




Are you wondering how to remove semi-permanent varnish? Without acetone and quickly? Opt for the magic nail polish remover!

We know the subject of varnish removal well at Awahena. This is why we offer you a Semi Permanent Remover designed for this type of varnish!

Our express nail polish remover, also called magic nail polish remover , is the best solution for removing your semi-permanent varnishes quickly, without damaging your nails and WITHOUT acetone.

✅ ACETONE FREE - the remover protects your skin and your health:

no more acetone baths, or papillotes with acetone on cotton pads.

✅ Fast, the gel acts in 4 minutes:

the varnish comes off in 4 minutes under the effect of the dissolving gel,

✅ 1 real removal, without tearing out your nails :

Application of gel - no need to file your top coat and varnish.

✅ Economical, to apply at home :

A drop-off at home, without an appointment at the institute (15€ to save).

✅ Without damaging nails and skin :

Gel texture to be applied to varnish only, not to the skin.

✅ Eco-friendly - uses nail polish remover and scraper :

No more cotton pads, the gel remover can be removed with the scraper and rinsed with soap and water.

How do I remove my semi-permanent varnish as quickly as I applied it? It’s definitely possible with nail polish remover!

Before applying your nail polish, the question "and then how to remove this magnificent semi-permanent varnish?"
The solvent is for removal, what the UV lamp is for installation: ESSENTIAL AND ESSENTIAL.
For removal without damaging your nails, a good nail polish remover is key.
Now you no longer need to worry about how to remove your nail polish when you apply it.
With the remover, 100% of the varnish is completely removed.
Which nail, or build, will I use my nail polish remover on? your natural nail, on your gel construction, false nails or capsules . Once applied, its action is immediate, and without damaging the nail or your cuticles.

How does this semi-permanent remover preserve your nails?

Removal could involve filing, scraping, tearing off, peeling off the well-attached nail polish. This damages the nail plate, weakens and weakens your natural nail or even worse, if the upper layer of keratin is torn off.

Now we take the express remover and after 4 minutes the semi-permanent comes off by itself.

Second advantage, no longer soak your nails in an acetone bath for 15 minutes. No more papillotes and acetone baths (we described it before offering you this nail polish remover).

A revolutionary application method, to be adopted by both nail addicts and semi-permanent beginners.

How to remove semi-permanent quickly?

A semi-permanent nail polish remover and 4 easy-to-follow steps to remove all your semi-permanent varnishes.

  1. Spread the nail polish remover gel on each of your nails with the applicator brush 👉 put it only on the nail.
  2. Wait 3 to 5 minutes for the remover to remove the varnish.
  3. Push back loosened nail polish with a cuticle pusher .
  4. Remove all excess nail polish remover with a cotton pad or tissue, then wash your hands with soap and clean water.


Presentation of the remover: gel in bottle with applicator brush

Practical in a 15ml bottle , this remover can be easily transported with your semi-permanent varnish kit.
The brush and the gel texture allow you to apply the gel remover to the surface of the varnish, precisely, without getting it on the skin .

Also available in the complete semi-permanent varnish kit.

Does nail polish remover contain acetone?

This remover does not contain acetone. This method is very respectful of your skin, and your hands, you no longer dip your fingers in an acetone bath.


The remover comes in a gel formula with an applicator brush in a bottle.
15ml bottle, this nail polish remover can be easily transported with your manicure kit.

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What is a Second Life product?

La Première Vie at Awahena offers products with slight defects, at a 70% discount. Well-checked, functional, but non-returnable items. Eco-responsible purchasing opportunity, avoiding waste.

How many applications will I make with my Second Life Remover?

First of all, you can do as many removals as with a new solvent. The capacity of a bottle is estimated to be around 12 to 14 applications, depending on the products to be removed, sometimes several applications of solvents are necessary for one application, which slightly varies the number of possible removals.