How to use AWAHENA varnishes? Manual

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Comment utiliser les vernis AWAHENA ? Mode d’emploi -

Prepare your nails

Step 1 : Properly preparing your nails will help our 3 in 1 semi-permanent nail polish adhere to your nails properly. Find a clean, well-ventilated work space for application. Do not apply outdoors or in direct sunlight. Remove any existing nail polish, then wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Push back cuticles with the angled edge of a manicure stick. It is important that the cuticle area is clean and free of debris when you apply the polish, as this may prevent the polish from adhering to the nail.

Step 2 : File and lightly polish your nails to remove the layer of oil. Remove remaining dust. Use a soft, fine-grained file so as not to weaken them and always file in the same direction so as not to split them. Apply a cleaner if your nails are too oily. It will help dehydrate the nail. This will increase the adhesion of the semi-permanent varnish. Remember to do both steps.

Apply the 3 in 1 semi-permanent varnish:

Step 3 : Turn the semi-permanent varnish dial several times to release the varnish then apply a first thin layer of semi-permanent varnish on the clean, dry nail without touching the cuticle or skin along the nails.

Step 4 : Place your hand under the LED lamp to catalyze ( this will allow the varnish to solidify ) the semi-permanent varnish for 60 to 90 seconds.

Step 5 : Apply a second thin coat of semi-permanent varnish to your nails.

Step 6 : Place your hand under the LED lamp for 60 to 90 seconds.

Step 7 : If necessary, add a third thin coat of varnish then repeat the drying operation one last time.

Step 8 (Optional but recommended):

After finishing applying your varnish, it will remain a greasy layer on the nail , you must then use a cotton pad with a cleaner to remove this layer. This step will not remove the color but it will harden and maintain the shine of the varnish .

If you follow these different steps carefully, you will have a pretty and professional manicure and your semi-permanent varnish will be sublimated and shiny!

Semi-permanent varnish application time: 10 to 15 minutes.

Our advice for a sublime pose

You should follow our advice carefully when it comes to getting a semi-permanent manicure that lasts and doesn't flake after a few days.

  • You have to be a perfectionist and precise during application to obtain a neat finish.
  • Apply thin layers , to prevent bubbles from forming and thus catalyze as best as possible between each pass under the UV lamp.
  • Avoid applying polish to cuticles or skin, if so, remove the excess with a stick.
  • Finally, don't hesitate to apply 3 layers, if necessary. This will depend on the colors chosen.

Guide to using the UV LED lamp

Click here to retrieve our notice.

Remove 3 in 1 semi-permanent varnish:

Polish the surface of the nails beforehand with a nail file to reduce the thickness of the varnish. Never scratch your nails with a blade or anything else, you risk damaging them.

Then soak the nails in acetone for 5 to 10 minutes (note that a traditional nail polish remover will not be enough). The most classic method for removing your semi-permanent varnish is coating with foils. After soaking a piece of cotton with acetone and placing it on your nail, wrap the whole thing in a piece of aluminum foil and make a small foil for each finger. Leave to act for 15 minutes.

Then, remove the foils and gently remove the dissolved polish from the nail surface with a cuticle pusher , taking care not to damage the natural nail. If any varnish remains, repeat the operation.

After removing your semi-permanent varnish, apply a nourishing oil to your nails to regenerate them.

You don't want to spend hours setting up the foils? Preferably simply for a general bath of your nails in a bowl filled with acetone nail polish remover. And There you go !

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