Semi Permanent Nail Polish Colors

Vernis semi-permanent Stylo 3 en 1 -

Semi-Permanent Nail Polish 12 Colors

From 14,90€
A semi-permanent felt polish with a natural effect, superb shine and vibrant color. The advantages of semi-permanent varnish ⏰ Dry to the touch in 60s. at 90s. with UV/LED lamp...

White semi-permanent varnish - #05 Ice Coco

#05 Ice Coco is a creamy and refreshing white semi-permanent nail varnish. Our advice for applying white is to apply fairly thin coats and apply 3 for optimal coverage and...
Vernis Semi Permanent Rose Lumineux

VSP Luminous Pink - 08 On Fire

A strong and luminous pink to have pretty nails. Wearing a pretty pink nail polish is child's play with the Rose Lumineux semi-permanent nail polish. #08 On Fire is a...
Lady's Night - AWAHENA.FR

Blue semi-permanent varnish - 11 Lady's Night

Reveal yourself with this electric blue. Designed to be applied in 2 to 3 coats, this nail polish demonstrates your style, your desire to match your nails to your desires,...
Manucure Vernis Semi Permanent Rose Fuschia

VSP Fuchsia Pink - 04 Sexy Mama

The Sexiest pink of all our 3in1 semi-permanent, for a lighter shade apply 2 coats, for a stronger shade apply 3 coats! It has become a must-have in your manicure...

VSP Modern Rose - 10 Oh my gosh

#10 Oh my gosh is a modern, light and sweet pink semi-permanent varnish marker
Vernis semi permanent rouge intense présenté sur une main

Semi-permanent varnish Intense Red - 01 Nails on fleek

To be a sexy woman through and through! Nails on fleek, an intense red semi-permanent varnish is made for you. An intense and bold red semi-permanent varnish
Pretty Woman - AWAHENA.FR

VSP Pink Flamingo - 09 Pretty Woman

#09 Pretty Woman is a semi-permanent flamingo varnish marker
Vernis semi permanent Noir - 06 Rebel icious

Black semi-permanent varnish - 06 Rebel icious

Semi Permanent Black Nail Polish in 5 points: Incomparable shine Uniformity across the entire nail Full coverage with 3 layers A precise and quick manicure Possible pose on hands and...
Juicy Touch - AWAHENA.FR

Pink semi-permanent varnish - 03 Juicy Touch

How to apply semi-permanent varnish? 1. I prepare my nails: I push back the cuticles, I file and I polish. 2. I clean my nails with 70° alcohol, I remove...

Nude Rose semi-permanent varnish - 07 Oulala

#07 Oulala is a deep pale pink semi-permanent varnish marker
No Coffee Needed - AWAHENA.FR

VSP Pink Glitter - 12 No coffee Needed

#12 No coffee Needed is a bright pink glittery semi-permanent varnish
Kiss Me Now - AWAHENA.FR

Ruby Red semi-permanent varnish - 02 Kiss me now

#02 Kiss me now is a deep and subtle wine red semi-permanent varnish pen. Sexy! Semi-permanent varnish is a varnish full of advantages, practical, quick to apply, and economical. Save...
Coffret vernis à ongle semi permanent vernis sortis

Semi Permanent Duo Kit - LIMITED EDITION

From 29,60€
Warning: Limited Edition! 💅 Discover our Limited Edition Duo of Semi-Permanent Nail Polish in Gold Metal 💅 ✨ Attract all eyes with this exclusive duo that combines elegance and innovation....
Manucure Vernis Semi Permanent Rose Fuschia

VSP Fuchsia Pink - 04 Sexy Mama

The Sexiest pink of all our 3in1 semi-permanent, for a lighter shade apply 2 coats, for a stronger shade apply 3 coats! It has become a must-have in your manicure...

What is semi-permanent varnish?

Even if semi-permanent varnish is more and more widespread, between all the varnish materials and techniques sometimes, we get a little lost.

So what is semi-permanent varnish? It is a nail polish, which is between classic varnish and gel varnish, or capsules, one could say. It is a varnish that cures under a UV/LED lamp in 60 to 90 seconds. It is immediately dry to the touch. It lasts on your nails for up to 12 days. It is as liquid as nail polish, just enough to apply easily. It is very shiny and covering (with 2 to 3 coats). Presented in a bottle or felt-tip pen, or pen.

This varnish does not strengthen the nail, if your nail base is already brittle, fragile, do not count on semi-permanent varnish to help you have strong and solid nails. Worse still, the varnish will have more difficulty holding onto your nail, it will tend to flake off, since its support, your nail, is flexible and brittle.

With soft, weakened nails, we recommend a construction base or gel nails. Learn more about this product and method.

Are there any differences depending on the color of semi-permanent varnish?

In general, whatever color reacts the same under a UV or LED lamp.

However, some darker shades may require slightly longer exposure under the lamp for complete drying. Most semi-permanent varnishes, whatever their shade, require a specific catalysis time to guarantee long-lasting hold. It is therefore essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions to achieve optimal results.

Furthermore, color differences rarely influence the quality of the installation. Semi-permanent polishes are designed to provide impeccable hold and long-lasting shine, regardless of color choice. In short, whether you opt for pastel, bright, neon, or dark shades, your manicure will remain impeccable and long-lasting.

What are the advantages of semi-permanent varnish?

The new formulas bring this little revolution in manicure, you apply your semi-permanent varnish yourself at home, rather than in a beauty salon.

There are numerous benefits with Awahena semi-permanent products:

💅 Manicure at home whenever you want

👍 Drying all the fingers on your hand in 1 minute

😍 Smooth and soft touch,

😎 Easy and precise installation

🤩 Long-lasting,

✅ Touch-ups possible

👌 Shiny and covering,

🍃 Vegan,

🐰Not tested on animals.

Why dry semi-permanent varnish? And how?

The drying of the semi-permanent varnish must be perfect (the liquid varnish completely hardened) for a question of aesthetics and also protection of your nail. ⁠To harden (catalyze) the semi-permanent, the rays of a  UV LED lamp are necessary. Place your varnished hand or foot between 60 to 90s. under the lamp. The minimum power for good drying is 24 LEDs or 48 Watts.

If you have any doubts about drying, leave your hand for 30 seconds more under the lamp. ⁠