Trendy nail polish colors for spring - summer 2023

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Trendy colors for spring - summer 2023 ☀️

How to wear them?

After a winter spent in burgundy, plum, and khaki tones, the big trend for this year's sunny days is light, pastel and nude tones, why not a nice tone-on-tone?

Let's take a closer look at these famous colors, to choose according to the shade of your skin, or upcoming events, because let's face it, these are the two criteria that count 😉.

Depending on the color of your skin tone

On fair skin , nothing better than a slightly strong color, like a luminous pink ( 08 ), a rosé/red ( 09 or 03 ). With the sun, nothing better than a coral pink to highlight your tanned complexion.

Deep pink

On dark skin , apply an orange-red color for a healthy glow.

Black skin is lucky enough to be able to wear white (05) , yellow or even blue . All colors, even the most eccentric, are allowed and look so good on your hands. However, in 2022 what is suitable by far ahead of all other colors is blue.

Depending on the event...

For baptism ceremonies , communions and weddings (we're not talking about the Bride), opt for a color that matches your outfit.
You are wearing an outfit in light tones , coordinate it with a pastel shade, pink, nude, or even white.
Conversely, your outfit is red, black or rather dark , opt for an intense red nail polish, or sexy pink.

How do I match my fingernails and toenails?

We often advise you to coordinate the color of your nails feet and hands .
On sunny days, if you prefer, you can choose a strong colored varnish to put on your feet and apply a light shade or a French on your hands. In this sense, light color on the hands and bright color on the feet is possible, however, you will not do the opposite.

Stay beautiful to the tips of your nails this spring, don't waste another second and choose the colors you will wear to your next event and this summer!