What is a 3 in 1 semi-permanent varnish? How to put it?

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C'est quoi un vernis semi permanent 3 en 1 ? Comment le poser ? - awahena.com

Before detailing what a 3 in 1 semi-permanent varnish is, a quick reminder of what a semi-permanent is.

What is semi-permanent varnish?

A semi-permanent varnish is a gel varnish that can be applied at home or in a salon. It is much more resistant than a classic nail polish, and it is less abrasive and strong than permanent gel polishes and construction resins. Less technical in applying semi-permanent varnish, it is more and more common for women to apply it themselves at home, even if you have to respect a few rules for good hold and to protect your nail.

It is often applied with a base, a color and a top coat and it dries with a UV or LED or UV/LED lamp. Advantage, drying is ultra fast, and it lasts between 12 to 18 days, whatever your daily activities (dishes, gardening, household chores, and everyday life, etc.). This varnish accompanies you every day.

At Awahena, we have chosen to develop a 3 in 1 semi-permanent varnish.

Why a 3in1 varnish?

With the 3 in 1 semi-permanent varnish, say stop to countless bottles and make way for simplicity! The 3in1 is a base coat, a color and a top coat integrated into a single varnish. A single pen contains everything for applying varnish.

A 3 in 1 nail polish pen without base or top coat, just one pen with all your manicure
Your semi-permanent manicure, done yourself at home, becomes easy and quick !
You will save considerable time , the base, color varnish and top coat are applied in a single application, 3 layers instead of 5 layers.
The 3 in 1 varnish is versatile, you can apply it to your fingernails as well as your toenails !
Its formulation was specially created to be applied to natural nails without a base , while preserving your nail.

3 coats and that’s it! Shine guaranteed 🤩

After the 3rd coat of color, the polish shines immediately. No degreasing required.

Is this 3 in 1 applied like all other semi-permanent varnishes?

Yes the pose is identical.
Of course, like any varnish, preparation consisting of pushing back the cuticles, removing small skin, filing your nail and the top of your nail with a soft file is essential.
Semi-permanent varnish how to apply it, put 3 coats of color, without basecoat and without topcoat

In summary, the advantages of 3in1 semi-permanent varnish!

  • A single bottle or pen
  • Transports easily
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Its finish is non-sticky (there is no need to degrease after installation)
  • Easily possible touch-ups

Find the 3in1 semi-permanent varnish color you need!