What is semi-permanent varnish?

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Semi-permanent varnish is a nail polish that provides an impeccable manicure and lasts at least 12 days.

In appearance, the semi-permanent is like a classic nail polish , it has the same consistency, an odor, a liquid texture. It is applied with a brush or pen.
The 2 most important differences between these two varnishes , the semi-permanent dries immediately, it has a hold and a shine of more than 12 days. Classic nail polish flakes after a few days, and dries in 30 minutes on average.

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A semi-permanent manicure: a protocol to follow for a professional result!

Every manicurist starts by reading the application guide .

The nail preparation phase (filing, pushing back your cuticles, polishing, and cleaning...) is the most important for very pretty nails!

Once the nail is ready, you apply your semi-permanent varnish. The Awahena varnish is in a pen, application is very easy, manageable, and avoids spilling onto the edge of the nail.

Installation at home - control your time and budget

No more appointments at beauty salons, delayed, missed, or waiting, you are in control of your time . Now your manicure will be when you want it! 👍

Second advantage , the price of the equipment to start with, is worth the price of a manicure including installation and removal in the salon, sometimes two if you take all the accessories. The PLUS, with a Kit it's a minimum of 6 to 12 manicures , and the machine can be used for a minimum of 5 years for good quality devices.

Budget mastery installation at any time at home and without an appointmentControl your budget with your semi-permanent manicures at homeYour application alone at home, a manicure made professional
The ultimate advantage of applying at home is that in the event of an accident, if your varnish breaks, an easy touch-up can be done at any time !

Start applying your semi-permanent varnish at home, which means equipping yourself with a manicure kit containing a UV LED lamp (a hand and toenail drying machine), and semi-permanent varnishes . Very often the kits contain a solvent, we advise you to take it from the start.

Immediate drying

Semi-permanent varnish is a varnish which, once applied to the natural nail, hardens by drying in 60 seconds under a UV lamp or an LED lamp or a CCFL lamp (which combines UV and LEDs).

Fast in 15 minutes: the most Awahena

A 3 in 1 semi-permanent varnish includes the base, the color and the top, so there are a total of 3 layers of varnish to apply and 3 dryings to do.

With a classic semi-permanent (allow 20/25 minutes of application), you will have to put on a base coat and a top coat. With Awahena 3 in 1 varnishes, application is done on natural nails, without base coat or topcoat, a real time saver.

Is semi-permanent varnish right for you?

Whether your nails are long or short, semi-permanent varnish is made for all women who want a manicure or pedicure, in the same color, several days in a row, with shine and long-lasting hold.

The concept of semi-permanent varnish has become more and more known, when you see it applied in an institute can be impressive.

At Awahena, we design products that are simple to use in your home. The goal is to have a pretty manicure, it is not to become a nail technician at home, and to have to master numerous application techniques.

All our kits contain the essentials to perform your semi-permanent manicure at home. If you already have certain products, you can create the kit it makes for you with a UV LED lamp, a set of 3 in 1 semi-permanent varnish in the color of your choice, a nail polish remover and accessories of your choice.

See the Awahena semi-permanent varnish & UV LED lamp kits to equip yourself

In what situations should I use my varnish?

All the events of life!

Baby shower, Christmas, end of year celebrations, wedding, wedding anniversary, anniversary, romantic evening, Valentine's Day, baptism, ceremony, or just to treat yourself...

Elegant classic red trendy manicure to wear every dayfor all occasions parties Christmas birthday christening as a couple Valentine's Daysemi-permanent varnish for the end-of-year holidays, Christmas, New Year's Dayin winter or summer, the semi-permanent varnish can be applied to the fingernails and toenailsin all weathers, the semi-permanent varnish can be applied to the fingernails and toenails

In summary, semi-permanent varnish is an excellent varnish for women concerned about the beauty of their nails, and also their time and wallet.

Ready to try semi-permanent varnish?

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