6 steps to apply your semi-permanent varnish easily and quickly!

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6 étapes pour appliquer son vernis semi-permanent facilement et rapidement ! - awahena.com
Do you want to have pretty, well-made and colored nails over the long term? Do you usually go to a salon to do your nails but do you want to try semi-permanent manicureat home ?
Let's talk about it right away, the application and removal of semi-permanent varnish are closely linked.
Discover the different steps to apply your semi-permanent varnisheasily and quickly, then remove it just as easily.

We have of course created a range for installation and removal with a solvent .

What do I need to get started?

2. Cuticle oil or emollient water

The different steps to apply your semi-permanent varnish at home!

Step 1: cleaning, filing, and shaping the nail

prepare your nails well before semi-permanent varnish

To apply semi-permanent varnishon the nail, the first step is to clean your nails well in order to remove any layers of varnish previously applied.

Then, push back the cuticles with a stick provided for this purpose.

For a sublime manicure, nail care is also important , remember to read: What are the daily actions to adopt to have beautiful hands?

Step 2: polish your nails

An important step but all too often neglected. Polishing your nailswill allow you to have a semi-permanent varnish which adheres completely and sets much better.

To do this, sand the nail surface on a clean nail. The surface of the nail whitens. If the nail is not whitened with the polisher, then take a soft file (a 100/180 file with the softer side), and pass over the nail plate to whiten it, without attacking it. How to use a buffer for a pretty manicure?

Then clean the dust on your nails and fingers with a cotton pad. Use a degreaser or 70° alcohol to remove the greasy layer from the surface of your nail. It will all depend on your nail type.

TIP: File your nails properly, to reduce the risk of chipping on the edges of the nails.

If you have a broken nail, apply a nail dressing before applying your nail polish.

Adding a primer can be done and will make your semi-permanent varnish even more adherent.


Step 3: applying color


Once the nails are filed, polished and cleaned, let's now move on to applying the colorof your semi-permanent varnish!

First apply a first coat of the color of your choice. Favor thin layersto avoid runs at the edges of the nail and cuticles. Coats of varnish that are too thick overload the nail and give a less aesthetic result.

Border your nail , that is to say, when you pass the felt from the cuticles towards the outside of the nail, arriving at the outer edge, pass the felt on this edge to place varnish on it to make the nail airtight and varnish, this promotes adhesion.

To manage the flow of theAwahena felt-tip pen, turn the dial slightly to release the varnish little by little. One turn of the wheel is enough to create between 1 and 3 nails depending on their size.

TIPS: the varnish should be placed on the nail and it should not touch the edge of the nail, as this will cause the varnish to peel off or flake. Clean the traces around the nail with a cotton pad before catalyzing.

Step 4: fix and catalyze the varnish with the UV/LED lamp

Apply the first layer of semi-permanent varnish, then move on to fixing the varnish. This involves catalyzing the varnish to solidify it, using a UV LED lamp.

To do this, place your hand at the bottom of the UV LED lamp to catalyze (solidifying effect) the semi-permanent varnish. Leave your hand for 60 to 90 seconds, the Awahena UV/LED lamp timer is designed for this purpose.


Step 5: Apply a second coat of semi-permanent polish

 This step is essential to intensify the color of your semi-permanent varnish.

Apply a second coat, always managing the flow of the varnish using the felt-tip wheel, then place your main coat under the LED lamp again for 60 to 90 seconds.

TIP: if you have excess varnish on the felt, you can place it on several nails and then work the material to spread it on the nail. The advantage of semi-permanent varnish is that it solidifies (drys) only under the UV/LED lamp.

If you want an even more intense color, repeat the color application and drying with a third coat.

At the same time, in order to have as much advice as possible: Using semi-permanent varnish on short nails, is it possible?

Step 6: Maintain the Shine of Semi-Permanent Polish

After you have finished applying your varnish, use a cotton pad soaked in alcohol to remove any traces left on your skin, and also inside the lamp.

If you follow all of these steps carefully, your semi-permanent varnish will be enhanced and shiny for up to 2 weeks.

It is possible, after a few days and depending on the activities you do with your hands, that the shine of your VSP will dull slightly. If you want to restore shine to your varnish, clean your varnish already on your nail with 70° alcohol and apply a new thin layer of varnish which you catalyze under the lamp. And presto, the shine is present again.

The application time of your semi-permanent varnish is estimated between 10 and 15 minutes for a pretty professional manicure, what more could you ask for?


Carry out all the steps of applying your semi-permanent varnish: our advice for a perfect and sublime application!

For a semi-permanent varnish application that lasts over time and does not flake, it is imperative to follow all the application steps.


Here are some tips that will help you achieve your manicure:

  • Be a perfectionist and precise during application to have a clean and neat result.
  • Apply thin layers to prevent bubbles from forming and thus best catalyze each pass under the LED lamp.
  • Do not hesitate to apply 3 coats if necessary depending on the colors chosen or the expression you want to give to the color of your manicure.
For toenails, the application process is the same, we explain everything to you here: Semi-permanent varnishes on toenails, what do you think?!

    Remove your semi-permanent varnish properly: the step not to be neglected!

    If you want to change your manicure and thus remove your semi-permanent varnish, it is important to know all the steps so as not to damage your nails.

    Step 1: Polish the polish surface

    Polishing the surface of your varnished nails helps reduce the thickness of the semi-permanent varnish. Be careful, you should never scrape your nails with a blade, or a scraper, you risk damaging them.

    Step 2: Dip your nails in nail polish remover using the foil method

    To remove all of the nail polish, it is important to use an acetone-based nail polish remover and leave the nail polish remover on for 12 to 15 minutes.

    How to carry out the foil coating method?

    Very easy, you cut out squares of cotton, soak them in nail polish remover and apply them to your nails.

    To hold the cotton on your nail, coat them with foil or silicone clips designed for this.

    A second method without acetone remover exists, with a special semi-permanent varnish remover , to find out more about this, do not hesitate to read the dedicated article.

    Step 3: Applying a Nourishing Oil

    After removing the semi-permanent varnish, apply a nourishing oil to all of your nails to nourish and regenerate them.

    Two complete articles on this subject: How to remove your semi-permanent varnish quickly and easily? and How to remove your semi-permanent varnish without acetone in 10 minutes maximum?

    In summary

    You will have understood, to apply your semi-permanent varnish perfectly at home in front of the TV, with friends, or after the children go to bed, it is important to follow several steps for a pretty, professional and sublime manicure.

    Removal is essential, the varnish must not be torn off to preserve your nail. The removal is as important as the application, so removing your varnish properly allows you to keep your nails beautiful, clean, and pretty between each Awahena manicure.

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