What nail polish colors to choose for the 2020 end-of-year holidays?

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Quelle choisir couleur de vernis choisir pour Noël et les fêtes?

A semi-permanent manicure kit for the holidays is good for your morale!

Don't let the circumstances of the global pandemic stop you from looking great this holiday season.

More than ever, Awahena encourages women to take care of themselves in these times of great uncertainty and stress. If you were used to going to a salon for a semi-permanent manicure, don't give up on your habits, adapt them to the new reality.

You were more of a classic varnish, adopt the Semi-Permanent Varnish for long-lasting hold and incomparable shine. Discover the advantages of 'VSP'

Take care of your nails... at home!

Thanks to our at-home manicure sets, you will finally be able to complete your own homemade green varnish manicure. All our semi-permanent varnishes have been designed with respect for the environment, animals and your body. An excellent gift to combine aesthetic pleasure and respect for nature.

All our semi-permanent varnishes (VSP) come in the chic and practical form of a 3-in-1 felt-tip pen combining base, color and top coat. You will no longer have to carry around a bottle for each layer and each formula, our 3in1 pens do the work for them thanks to its formulation. Be sure to follow our usage procedures for optimal results of your color and to avoid damaging your nails .

Find our 12 colors of semi-permanent varnish, ideal for finally doing your manicures and pedicures at home with an inexpensive semi-permanent varnish.

Especially during the health crisis, delivery is free and we are offering you a -20% reduction, use your Awahena promo code (HOME20) to take advantage of it.

How to coordinate your Awahena nail polish with your holiday look?

Congratulations, you have finally found the ideal outfit to mark the end of the year in style. Would you like to find a nail polish that will match perfectly with your little black dress or your Christmas sweater, your charming end-of-year sweater? Our cosmetic experts will help you discover 4 shades of VSP to match your sexy or casual look.

1. Kiss Me Now for a fun Christmas

What could be more festive than a deep red nail polish color combined with a tight dress that shows off your curves! We suggest the shade Kiss Me Now for a hot, hot, hot Christmas.

2. Rebel icious for a sexy Christmas

To be at the forefront of elegance and sexy, the Rebel Icious black polish option is an excellent choice. After being a novelty, shiny black varnish has entered the range of classic varnishes, to wear with your little black dresses, or your jumpsuits. A perfect ally!

3. Lady's Night for a comfortable Christmas

Have you carefully opted for a casual Christmas, but still want to add a touch of fantasy to your nails? Combine our Lady's Night 3 in 1 royal blue polish with your Christmas sweater.

4. Ice Coco for a relaxing Christmas

Always with the aim of a Christmas under the sign of relaxation, and far from the troubles of this year, the Ice Coco white varnish will go perfectly well with your Christmas sweater in red tones.

If you are ordering for Christmas, know that all our products are shipped from France, and you are sure (until 12/22 at 10:00 a.m.) to have them placed at the foot of the Christmas tree.

Each of our sets includes a UV/LED lamp as well as a minimum of 4 shades of semi-permanent varnish. Who will you spoil for Christmas this year? Your friends, your beloved mother or simply your beautiful self?

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