How to have pretty, hydrated hands and soft-skinned feet?

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Comment avoir de jolies mains hydratées et des pieds à la peau douce ? -

Your hands are your beauty asset, just like your feet as summer approaches. As long as you take care of it throughout the year. Just like for your face, a beauty routine is essential for your hands and feet. Here are the instructions for their beauty treatment.

How to have soft hands 🤲 and pretty feet 🦶all year round? The beauty routine made simple

First of all: we clean 🧼

The first step to having beautiful hands and feet is to have them clean, free of all bacteria and microbes. To do this, we make sure (right now more than ever) to wash our hands correctly and regularly. As well as washing your feet well during the shower or bath. Use mild soap and lukewarm water, not too hot. You can use a soft brush to clean under the nails. Remember to dry well between the folds at the toes. Humidity weakens the skin.

Hand beauty routine

The skin on our hands is quite thin, so we exfoliate it with a gentle scrub once a week . With the dead skin removed, our hands are ready to be replenished.

To do this, apply a moisturizing mask (the one for the face may be suitable or a pocket mask taking the shape of the hands) for 20 minutes for supple epidermis and fine skin texture.
We remember to moisturize our hands daily with a hand cream, massaging for a few seconds to facilitate the absorption of the cream. Ideally, apply the treatment before bed to optimize the hydration and replenishment of your skin. A little help when getting up and after washing your hands is always good, especially from autumn and during winter.

Foot beauty routine

Our feet carry us all day and are often locked up. To pamper them and relax them, we offer them a foot bath once a week. We let them soak in hot water to soften the skin on our feet . You can add bath salts for added pleasure and relaxation.
On damp feet, exfoliate with a pumice stone or on dry skin an exfoliating treatment to remove dead skin, calluses and corn.
After exfoliating and after each shower, we remember to moisturize our feet (the heel, the arch of the foot and around the nails).
Hello to soft feet all year round, no more dry and rough feet. 😁

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