What are the daily actions to adopt to have beautiful hands?

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Having beautiful hands requires regular care regardless of the season, in fact in repeated contact with water or constantly exposed, it is important to take care of your hands daily.

Having beautiful hands: 3 small everyday gestures to adopt

No to excessive hand washing!

When the hands are attacked too often, they quickly dehydrate.

If you have to wash them often, don't forget to apply moisturizer right after. For a good daily routine, washing your hands two to three times a day is sufficient.

With negative temperatures creeping in, having beautiful hands becomes even more complicated as the cold air further dries out the skin on your hands.

Use a non-aggressive soap for your skin and prefer a syndet: soap without soap!

Good hydration

As with the body, hydrating your hands is essential whether it is because of the sun in summer or the cold in winter your hands need to be hydrated.

Apply a moisturizer at least once a day to have beautiful hands. Take advantage of this moment for yourself to carry out a massage ritual on yourself and relax your skin!

Little additional treatments

Not to be done every day of course! For example, during your skincare routine once a week it is important to do a few little treatments in addition to hydration to have beautiful hands.

To remove dead skin, exfoliating is a small gesture to adopt in your skincare routine. It helps exfoliate the skin of the hands and remove small dead cells and promote their renewal.

Daily beauty steps to have beautiful nails

Moisturize and whiten your nails

To have beautiful hands, it is important to have well-hydrated and aesthetically white nails!

Here is a little two-in-one grandmother's recipe:
Once a week for 15 minutes, dip your hands in a bowl of olive oil for hydration with a little lemon juice for whiteness.

Be careful, small finger injuries will not appreciate lemon juice... Attention those who bite their nails or do manual work 😉

Prepare your nail well before applying the 3 in 1 semi-permanent varnish

Having a beautiful color on your nails is good, but if you respect the nail beforehand it's even better!

Here are 5 steps to follow to have beautiful hands:

  • Before each application of varnish, moisturize your nails by immersing them in a bowl of lukewarm water for 2 minutes.
  • Remove your cuticles
  • Then file your nails always in the same direction to avoid weakening them.
  • Before applying the varnish, if it is not a 3 in 1 varnish, apply a protective base. This step is important to prevent your nails from yellowing with the polish. The base coat can also strengthen, whiten or nourish the nail depending on its effects, as with Protein Base.
  • After applying the 3 in 1 felt varnish, there is nothing more to do. If you are applying a varnish other than 3 in 1, apply a top coat which will extend the duration of the varnish application.

You will have understood that to have beautiful hands and beautiful nails it is essential to apply care before and after applying the varnish. This requires a good daily routine including care adapted to your skin type.