How to use the Awahena 48W UV / LED lamp?

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Comment bien utiliser la lampe UV / LED Awahena 48W? -

The 4 steps to properly using your Awahena UV/LED lamp and all the tips you need to know.

Once in front of your lamp and your semi-permanent varnishes, doubts may remain. We reassure you, all our products are ultra-easy to use for easy installation and impeccable results.

We're telling you about it in detail now 👇 

Discover the 4 steps to properly use our lamp:

1. Unpack your lamp , remove all plastic films.

2. Plug it into the mains with the cable provided, the lamp will work immediately.

3. Choose the desired time to dry your varnish and press the corresponding timer button. The lamp turns on and the countdown begins. It's time to slide your hand under the lamp!

4. Dry your toenails by removing the base of the lamp to place the lamp on the ground and easily slide your foot into it. 

All your fingers are dry, it's time to unplug the lamp and admire your nails!



 The lamp also turns on automatically with detection ! When you place your hand under the lamp, the sensors trigger the lamp and the timer counts the seconds with a progressive heating system, depending on the UV gel or semi-permanent material you are drying.

Small note:

Your lamp is very cute and its igloo design can give your children ideas 🤔, however it remains an electric machine for manicuring your nails and your little ones should not play with this little igloo. 😊

Find the instructions for the lamp online.