How to remove semi-permanent varnish with foils?

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Comment enlever du vernis semi-permanent avec les papillotes ? -

How to remove semi-permanent varnish at home using the foil technique?

This is the question that many women ask themselves when they do not remove their semi-permanent nail polish in a salon. This is also sometimes what keeps you from applying your semi-permanent varnish alone, the big question: How will I remove the semi-permanent varnish?

We present to you the foil method to remove your VSP (semi-permanent varnish) with acetone-based nail polish remover.

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Removing semi-permanent varnish: the papillote method

How to make foils to remove semi-permanent varnish?


To create foils quickly before removing semi-permanent varnish, it's very simple, just:

- Cut a large strip of aluminum lengthwise
- Divide this into 5 strips
- Prepare 10 cotton pads (if you do not have pre-cut cotton strips)

Step 1: Coat your nails

This technique is most used in nail salons. This consists of placing a cotton pad soaked in acetone on each nail and coating it to remove the semi-permanent varnish quickly.

It is important to note that regular nail polish remover is not recommended as it will not be strong enough to remove the semi-permanent polish.

Step 2: Aluminum

Once the nails have been coated, you now need to wrap each nail with aluminum. It is necessary that the aluminum is tightly wrapped around the nail and the cotton to form a foil and remove the semi-permanent varnish.

Step 3: We wait!

Once the first two steps have been completed, all you need to do is wait 5 to 8 minutes to remove your semi-permanent nail polish quickly and easily.

Once the time has elapsed, slide the foil onto the nail and the semi-permanent varnish will come off on its own with the cotton. If the varnish does not come off by itself, leave the cotton soaked in acetone on for longer, do not force it, you risk tearing the keratin from your nail.

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Once you have removed the semi-permanent varnish, don't forget to take care of your fingernails by applying a nourishing oil to each of your nails to regenerate them. Nothing better to strengthen them before your next manicure.

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