Second Life or Second Chance

Dissolvant vernis semi permanent express

Semi Permanent Nail Polish Remover

Are you wondering how to remove semi-permanent varnish? Without acetone and quickly? Opt for the magic nail polish remover! We know the subject of varnish removal well at Awahena. This...
Vernis semi permanent rouge intense présenté sur une main

Semi-permanent varnish Intense Red - 01 Nails on fleek

To be a sexy woman through and through! Nails on fleek, an intense red semi-permanent varnish is made for you. An intense and bold red semi-permanent varnish
lampe uv ongles awahena

UV Nail Lamp - UV LED Lamp

The essential machine for drying semi-permanent! Apply the varnish, slide your hand (or foot) under the UV Nail lamp. In 60 seconds, the varnish is dry to the touch. Why...
Nail polisher - 4 sides - grit 120

Nail polisher - 4 sides - grit 120

Have you ever wanted to get perfectly prepped nails for a stylish manicure or neat pedicure? If this is your case, a practical and easy solution is available to you:...
Vernis semi permanent Noir - 06 Rebel icious

Black semi-permanent varnish - 06 Rebel icious

Semi Permanent Black Nail Polish in 5 points: Incomparable shine Uniformity across the entire nail Full coverage with 3 layers A precise and quick manicure Possible pose on hands and...
Manucure Vernis Semi Permanent Rose Fuschia

VSP Fuchsia Pink - 04 Sexy Mama

The Sexiest pink of all our 3in1 semi-permanent, for a lighter shade apply 2 coats, for a stronger shade apply 3 coats! It has become a must-have in your manicure...
complement alimentaire 2 mois de cure

Nail Food Supplement - 2 month cure

Brittle nail problems? No longer fear fragile nails! If you suffer from brittle, weak, or slow-growing nails, we understand your concerns. The fragility of your nails can cause frustration and...

What is Second Life for Awahena products?

These are products with damaged packaging, torn labels, minor manufacturing defects, or other imperfections or non-saleable customer returns. We are putting them on sale at a price 70% less than the selling price of a new item.

We thus give them a second chance to be used, to be used to make your nails more beautiful, while thinking about your wallet!

These manicure products remain usable and functional. Consumables such as varnishes and polishers have never been used, or opened for hygiene reasons.

The main characteristics of the 'Second Life' section are as follows:

  1. Price Reduction: Products sold are generally offered at significantly lower prices than equivalent new items. The reduction can reach 70% or more.

  2. Manufacturing Defects: Products may have minor manufacturing defects, such as cosmetic imperfections, scratches or other issues that do not affect their function and use.

  3. Packaging Issues: Some items may have damaged, torn, or missing packaging. This means that the original packaging may not be in perfect condition, but the product itself is intact.

  4. Guarantee of reliability and conformity: Despite minor defects or packaging problems, we guarantee that the products are reliable and conform to their intended functions. In other words, customers can expect the items to perform similarly to their new counterparts.

  5. Unused and unopened varnishes: In the case of products like varnishes, they are sold as new, that is, they have not been opened or used. The varnishes have not been primed. If they are, they are not placed on a “second chance”.

  6. Quality Control: Before being released for sale, products are inspected and checked to ensure that they are in good working order despite any imperfections.

  7. No Return or Exchange Policy: Not all of these items are eligible for refunds, returns or exchanges. This is not possible. The buyer is informed that the products are sold as is, and it is not possible to return or exchange them, except in the event of a major problem unrelated to the defects already mentioned.

This is a real opportunity to buy quality, controlled and guaranteed products at low prices, accepting minor imperfections or label problems.

We made this choice to avoid the destruction of varnishes, or UV lamps that are still usable, and which will delight more modest budgets, those keen to bring the products to life as much as possible.

This helps reduce waste and give a second chance to items which, despite their faults, remain perfectly functional.