Do you like semi-permanent nail polish on your toenails?

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Le vernis semi-permanent sur les ongles de pieds, ça vous dit ? -

We often tend to apply it to our fingernails but not to our toenails: semi-permanent varnish! Semi-permanent felt varnish on toenails will make your daily life easier.

Semi-permanent varnish on toenails for greater ease

Often used for pretty manicures, but a little less for having beautiful feet! Yet very practical for having colorful feet all summer long, no need to worry about your nails during your vacation or even in your daily life!

The steps for a top semi-permanent varnish

Step 1: Take care of your nails before applying the varnish After having applied all the necessary care to have pretty toenails, now it's time for the first step to apply semi-permanent varnish on the toenails.

Step 2: Define the shape you want to give them

First of all, it is important to always file your nails in the same direction.

In fact, this will prevent duplication and therefore weaken them. We advise you to use a soft grained file for this step. Then, file according to the shape you want to give them: almond, pointed, square, round, rounded square or even oval.

To find out more about the different nail shapes: How to choose the shape of your nails?

Step 3: Applying semi-permanent varnish to your toenails

Now, your toenails are ready for the application of felt polish! First of all, you will find in our 3 in 1 set:

  • A base coat: it prevents the nail from yellowing and protects your nails before applying the varnish.
  • Color: your choice according to your tastes & desires.
  • The top coat: to perfect your semi-permanent on the toenails, it adds shine and shine to your nails.

Once your semi-permanent varnish has been applied to your toenails, dry them under the LED lamp for between 60 and 90 seconds to solidify the varnish.

If necessary, apply a second coat then repeat a third time for a more intense color. And dry one last time.

How to remove and change semi-permanent toenail varnish quickly?

No worries, now the methods are very effective for removing your semi-permanent varnish while keeping your nails in great shape. The varnish with a good semi-permanent varnish remover can be changed quickly and, above all, very easily.

You can do it directly at home with our Semi-Permanent Nail Polish Remover, find the removal technique directly on the Remover page.

Another solution is to remove it with an acetone-based solvent sold in supermarkets. This will be the foil technique with this nail polish remover. You will need to leave it on for between 12 and 15 minutes so that the varnish comes off and you scrape it to remove it.

To find out more: Remove your semi-permanent varnish in 4 steps!