What should I do if my semi-permanent varnish does not dry or sticks?

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What should I do if my semi-permanent varnish does not dry or sticks?

Have you received semi-permanent varnishes and don't know how to dry them ?

Have you followed the advice on applying nail polish, and it's still not dry ?

Let's remember in 1 minute how semi-permanent varnish works and the result you should obtain.

The varnish, placed on your nail, must catalyze (dry) layer after layer under a UV lamp, or an LED lamp, or a UV LED lamp.

Once the drying time has elapsed, the varnish is dry to the touch; no marks will form if you rub it with your finger.

Didn't get this result?

Here are all 3 cases which explain why your semi-permanent varnish has not dried or that it sticks after application:

1. You have applied the semi-permanent varnish, and you do not have a UV/LED lamp. The polish is liquid on your nails. Without a nail drying machine, it will never dry.

2. You have applied the varnish, dried it under a UV LED lamp, and your varnish sticks and leaves marks when touched.

3. You applied the polish, after drying under the UV LED lamp, it is just sticky, lacks shine or luster, and has cured well.

Let's detail these cases...

1. You have applied the semi-permanent varnish, and you do not have a UV/LED lamp. The polish is liquid on your nails.

The difference between classic nail polish and semi-permanent nail polish lies in drying. Semi-permanent varnish requires a UV or LED or UV/LED lamp to harden the different layers which will be placed on the nail plate.

In other words, without a machine to dry the semi-permanent, it will remain liquid on your nails.

The Awahena lamp is a UV LED device for semi-permanent varnish, created specifically for these varnishes .

No lamp yet and you don't know how to choose? Read our article on choosing your future nail lamp .

2. You applied the polish, dried it under your nail drying machine, and your polish sticks and leaves marks when touched.

Here is a series of explanations so that you can successfully catalyze your varnish.

Drying time

Drying of semi-permanent varnishes is immediate when the time spent under the UV/LED lamp is sufficient.

The drying time depends on the technology of your lamp, here is the duration ( only for semi-permanent varnishes) :

- for a UV lamp = 2 minutes

- for an LED lamp = 90 seconds

- for a CCFL lamp, our Awahena lamp (combined UV/LED) = 60 seconds

Did you respect the drying time under the machine, and your varnish is sticking?

If in doubt, you can leave your hand under the lamp for 15 to 30 seconds longer.

Now let's take a closer look at your lamp.

The lamp and its power

If you have the Awahena lamp, it is designed to work perfectly with our polishes. This is the right power.

You have a lamp from another brand, check if it has at least 24 LEDs or 48 Watts of power?

If this is not the case, then its power is too low, and it does not allow the varnish to dry properly.

This represents 2 problems. At the same time you will keep a half-cured varnish on the nails, but the varnish is not intended to remain in this form on your nails. On the other hand, the result will not be beautiful, far from an impeccable result, it will even be worse than with a classic nail polish.

We advise you to change machine. The UV/LED lamp that we offer perfectly dries all semi-permanent varnishes, gels and permanent varnishes on the market.

Is your lamp in perfect condition and powerful, and is it still sticking?

Do you have Awahena 3in1 felt-tip varnishes, or varnishes from another brand?

3. You have applied the varnish, after drying under the UV LED lamp, it is sticky.

3.a. I have 3in1 semi-permanent varnishes in Awahena felt-tip pen?

Awahena 3in1 semi-permanent varnish

Once passed under the lamp, and the catalyzed varnish, 95% of varnishes on the market leave a sticky layer which gives a “not dry” appearance to your manicure. It's unpleasant to the touch.

With Awahena 3in1 semi-permanents, this sticky effect has been eliminated when designing the varnish.

Our varnishes are created and formulated not to stick, to be smooth and

dry immediately to the touch.

However, if you feel this sensation when touched, use a cotton pad soaked in cleaner or 70° alcohol, this sticky appearance will disappear immediately.

3.b. Do I have semi-permanent varnishes from another brand?

What is “this sticky layer”?

Each layer of semi-permanent varnish that you apply has a sticky appearance after catalyzation. And if you touch it, it sticks to your fingers and you might think your nail polish hasn't dried. This sticky substance, which clings, is completely normal for 95% of semi-permanent products on the market, it is even essential for the durability of your manicure with these brands.

What is the extra 'sticky layer' for?

In the semi-permanent manicure you need a little extra (compared to classic varnish) so that the layer adheres to the previous one. This little extra is the lipid film or dispersion layer which gives this gooey and sticky appearance. It is a thickness of varnish which does not dry under the UV or LED lamp during the catalyzation of this layer. This thickness will bind to the next layer of varnish and will harden during its catalyzation (while leaving a new unhardened thickness on top). This gives adhesion between layers to your manicure.

It is after the last coat and the last drying of your semi-permanent manicure that you must remove this sticky residue, this is the only time to remove it.

Use a cotton pad soaked in cleaner or 70° alcohol, this sticky appearance will disappear immediately.

In summary, if your varnish sticks or dries poorly you must check:

- your drying time

- the power of your lamp

- the good working condition of your lamp

- if the varnish applied is a 3in1 or another type of semi-permanent varnish.

If after all this, the result does not suit you, write directly and our team will answer all your questions 24 hours a day.