Why is it important to dry your semi-permanent nail polish properly?

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Why is it important to dry your semi-permanent nail polish properly?

Is it important to dry semi-permanent and permanent nail polishes correctly? How to properly dry your semi-permanent varnish? Choosing a professional UV/LED lamp, or a mini UV lamp, what to do?

How long to stay under the lamp, and how do I know if my varnish is well cured and dry?

First of all, why is varnish drying so important?

By drying, in other words by catalyzing, the liquid formula of the varnish hardens and this is absolutely necessary because varnish in a liquid or pasty state is not made to be in contact with the nail for several hours. It can cause allergic reactions around the edges of your nail (swelling of the skin or itching) or damage your nail plate by weakening it. The liquid varnish once placed on your nail is made to be hardened. It is therefore essential to dry and dry your varnish well, which must be completely hard and dry to the touch!

How long does it take to dry varnish?

All semi-permanents dry between 30 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on the polish, brand, and the power of your lamp.

Each type of varnish (permanent, semi-permanent, etc.) has a well-defined drying time and depending on the lamp you have, this also changes. To find out the drying times depending on your lamp , you can refer to the 'drying time' paragraph in the article on manicure lamps .

How do I know if my varnish is completely dry?

A simple and effective solution is to pass your finger over the varnish, pressing down and if a trace forms, the varnish has not been hardened enough. Remember to check the sides, because some lamps do not dry evenly, it all depends on the orientation of the LEDs.

Conversely, your varnish remains very smooth and shiny, this is the guarantee of a well-catalyzed varnish.

For your first applications if you are hesitant, note the drying time depending on the varnish and color used, in order to reuse them for future manicures.

Any doubts about drying? Leave your hand for 30 seconds more under the lamp.

Marion's tutorials are great, after a few failed manicures now they are great!

How long to apply with Awahena manicure kit?

Our UV/LED lamp is powerful. Half-ball shaped, it allows you to dry all of your nails with one hand or toenail at the same time, on all sides and evenly.

We recommend between 60 to 90 seconds for our semi-permanent varnishes. Do you use polishes from another brand? No problem, the lamp will dry them too.

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