Vernis semi permanent rouge intense présenté sur une main

Semi-permanent varnish Intense Red - 01 Nails on fleek

To be a sexy woman through and through! Nails on fleek, an intense red semi-permanent varnish is made for you. An intense and bold red semi-permanent varnish
Vernis semi-permanent Stylo 3 en 1 -

Semi-Permanent Nail Polish 12 Colors

From 14,90€
A semi-permanent felt polish with a natural effect, superb shine and vibrant color. The advantages of semi-permanent varnish ⏰ Dry to the touch in 60s. at 90s. with UV/LED lamp...
Kiss Me Now - AWAHENA.FR

Ruby Red semi-permanent varnish - 02 Kiss me now

#02 Kiss me now is a deep and subtle wine red semi-permanent varnish pen. Sexy! Semi-permanent varnish is a varnish full of advantages, practical, quick to apply, and economical. Save...

White semi-permanent varnish - #05 Ice Coco

#05 Ice Coco is a creamy and refreshing white semi-permanent nail varnish. Our advice for applying white is to apply fairly thin coats and apply 3 for optimal coverage and...
Vernis semi permanent Noir - 06 Rebel icious

Black semi-permanent varnish - 06 Rebel icious

Semi Permanent Black Nail Polish in 5 points: Incomparable shine Uniformity across the entire nail Full coverage with 3 layers A precise and quick manicure Possible pose on hands and...

Nude Rose semi-permanent varnish - 07 Oulala

#07 Oulala is a deep pale pink semi-permanent varnish marker
Juicy Touch - AWAHENA.FR

Pink semi-permanent varnish - 03 Juicy Touch

How to apply semi-permanent varnish? 1. I prepare my nails: I push back the cuticles, I file and I polish. 2. I clean my nails with 70° alcohol, I remove...
Dissolvant vernis semi permanent express

Semi Permanent Nail Polish Remover

Are you wondering how to remove semi-permanent varnish? Without acetone and quickly? Opt for the magic nail polish remover! We know the subject of varnish removal well at Awahena. This...
lampe uv ongles awahena

UV Nail Lamp

The Impeccable Varnish Challenge The problem is known: after spending time applying the semi-permanent varnish or UV gel, there is still one obstacle to overcome - drying. To make your...
Lady's Night - AWAHENA.FR

Blue semi-permanent varnish - 11 Lady's Night

Reveal yourself with this electric blue. Designed to be applied in 2 to 3 coats, this nail polish demonstrates your style, your desire to match your nails to your desires,...
Pretty Woman - AWAHENA.FR

VSP Pink Flamingo - 09 Pretty Woman

#09 Pretty Woman is a semi-permanent flamingo varnish marker
No Coffee Needed - AWAHENA.FR

VSP Pink Glitter - 12 No coffee Needed

#12 No coffee Needed is a bright pink glittery semi-permanent varnish

VSP Modern Rose - 10 Oh my gosh

#10 Oh my gosh is a modern, light and sweet pink semi-permanent varnish marker
Manucure Vernis Semi Permanent Rose Fuschia

VSP Fuchsia Pink - 04 Sexy Mama

The Sexiest pink of all our 3in1 semi-permanent, for a lighter shade apply 2 coats, for a stronger shade apply 3 coats! It has become a must-have in your manicure...
Kit vernis semi permanent niveau 3 Premium

Semi Permanent Varnish Kit

From 99,00€
Who dreams of having pretty painted fingernails and toenails, at any time, without going to an institute? In this manicure kit, find the products needed to properly apply semi-permanent varnish...
Kit vernis semi permanent Maeva - Best Seller Manucure -

Maeva Manicure Semi Permanent Nail Polish Kit

From 89,40€
In your future manicure kit: 😍 6 semi-permanent varnishes in pen⁠ Intense Red #01 / Bordeaux Red #02 / Juicy Pink #03 / White #05 / Deep Black #06 /...
Nail polisher - 4 sides - grit 120

Nail polisher - 4 sides - grit 120

From 2,80€
Have you ever wanted to get perfectly prepped nails for a stylish manicure or neat pedicure? If this is your case, a practical and easy solution is available to you:...
Vernis Semi Permanent Rose Lumineux

VSP Luminous Pink - 08 On Fire

A strong and luminous pink to have pretty nails. Wearing a pretty pink nail polish is child's play with the Rose Lumineux semi-permanent nail polish. #08 On Fire is a...
Cuticle pusher 'Goodbye to Small Skins'

Cuticle pusher 'Goodbye to Small Skins'

Cuticle pusher 'Goodbye to small skin' The 'Farewell to small skins' is a quartz cuticle pusher, which allows you to both push back and remove from the surface of the...
Kit manucure pose depose vernis semi-permanent awahena

Semi-permanent varnish removal kit

A kit with accessories for applying and removing semi-permanent varnish Your manicure kit contains the accessories for applying and removing your nail polish. 1. A 100/180 file 2. A cuticle...
Lime à ongles présentation et grain

Nail file 100/180 “Effective”

A premium quality 100/180 nail file This fine 100 grit and thick 180 grit file is your essential accessory for your manicures and the daily maintenance of your nails. Sold...
Kit vernis semi-permanent Hana lampe UV et 4 feutres

Hana semi-permanent manicure kit

The Hana Kit contains the Awahena UV LED lamp and 4 varnished markers semi-permanent with colors: Deep red #02, Juicy pink #03, Nude pink #07, Glitter pink #12 Contents of the Hana...
Coffret vernis à ongle semi permanent vernis sortis

Semi Permanent Duo Kit - LIMITED EDITION

From 29,60€
Warning: Limited Edition! 💅 Discover our Limited Edition Duo of Semi-Permanent Nail Polish in Gold Metal 💅 ✨ Attract all eyes with this exclusive duo that combines elegance and innovation....
Coffret semi permanent Edition limitée

Semi Permanent Nail Polish Manicure Kit - Limited Edition - Gift

From 29,60€
To offer or treat yourself, the semi-permanent varnish manicure kit! This Limited Edition box allows you to apply your semi-permanent manicures at home and be beautiful from top to bottom....
French Tricolore Supporter Kit - Nail Polish Trio

French Tricolore Supporter Kit - Nail Polish Trio

From 29,00€
Highlight your patriotic style with this semi-permanent nail polish kit in the colors of the French flag! If you're looking to show off your national pride or simply add a...
complement alimentaire 2 mois de cure

Nail Food Supplement - 2 month cure

Brittle nail problems? No longer fear fragile nails! If you suffer from brittle, weak, or slow-growing nails, we understand your concerns. The fragility of your nails can cause frustration and...