Does semi-permanent varnish damage nails?

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Est-ce que le vernis semi-permanent abîme les ongles ? -

Semi-permanent varnish (VSP) is so practical, but sometimes we have the impression that our nails end up paying the price. Soft, weakened nails that flake, split... are the crimes attributed to gel polish and UV LED lamp founded? Are semi-permanent home manicures safe for your nails? The Awahena team resolves the mystery of this debate "damaged nails or healthy nails with VSP."

How not to damage your nails with a semi-permanent manicure kit ?

Let's be honest from the start. If your nails are already weakened or if you do not respect the application and removal of your semi-permanent varnish , you will only waste your time, your money, in addition to damaging your precious nails.

Before applying your brand new 3 in 1, long-lasting semi-permanent gel polish from Awahena , make sure you follow the basics of proper use, application and removal. Unlike classic varnish, which can be removed by applying a nail polish remover, semi-permanent varnish and green varnish require a slightly longer application with acetone or a semi-permanent varnish remover. Choose your express remover carefully because some lack effectiveness. Obviously, never pull on your varnish to tear it off, even if your varnish comes off. You would damage the keratin of your nails. Always go through the nail polish remover.

Keratin for our nail is a bit like its skin, if we simplify, so when we damage it our nail weakens, will become streaked, break, become soft. Finally, in a word, follow the removal tips and find the express remover for perfect removal!

Answer these 4 questions to determine the condition of your nails and if you can get a manicure today.

1. Are your nails healthy?

Take a moment to assess the current condition of your fingernails or toenails. Are they strong or do they break at the slightest impact? Do they seem soft or fragile? Very practical, gel polish is appreciated by many women for its speed of application and its long-lasting hold, and also for hiding fragile nails. This is not always the winning calculation, in your case, start with a period of one to two months of intensive strengthening of your nails.

2. When was your last manicure?

If you can't remember the last time your nails were natural for more than a day, you might want to think about giving them a fitness break. Excessive and repeated use of semi-permanent manicures, without respecting a 'rest' time for nail care , will inevitably harm their health. Our nail experts recommend not exceeding more than 3 successive applications. Then let your natural nails breathe for 1 month and take the opportunity to moisturize them with a fortifying natural oil, such as castor oil. Another possibility: alternate 15 days of installation, and 7 to 10 days of rest.

3. Have you applied a strengthening primer to your nails?

The strengthening base is a must for the VSP of your at-home manicure . If you know that your nails can only tolerate one or two VSP manicures per year (for some this is the case, for others, there is no limit. So life is unfair sometimes!) , you benefit from protecting them with a fortifying base.

The advantage of Awahena varnishes is that they are 3 in 1 and their formula already contains this strengthening base. What is 3in1, can we tell you everything about it?

4. Did you respect the application of your 3 in 1 semi-permanent varnish ?

Unfortunately, removal is the most commonly botched step of a VSP at-home manicure and it's downright harmful for your nails. Gel varnishes differ from classic varnishes. You will need aluminum foil, acetone, cotton and around twelve minutes to remove your 3 in 1 semi-permanent varnish. And why between ten to fifteen minutes? This is the amount of time needed to allow the acetone nail polish remover to dissolve the polish and cause it to come off your nail. Learn more about the steps to follow for removal that does not damage your nails . If your VSP is properly applied and removed, the rest and strengthening period is respected, you will have no fear for the excellent health of your nails.

Well applied, with the right material , the right method, semi-permanent varnish is perfect for your nails, and can even allow you to stop biting them, or help them grow without them breaking.

Conversely, a poorly done application or removal is unforgiving, and your nails will tell you that. Follow all our advice to keep your nails strong and in excellent health!