Why does my semi-permanent varnish come off after 1 day of application?

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Pourquoi mon vernis semi-permanent se décolle après 1 jour de pose ?

My semi-permanent varnish comes off quickly, it doesn't last very long. Why and how to make it last longer?

Sometimes we don't know how to go about it anymore and we need a helping hand...

Let's keep it simple, 3 ideas have just crossed your mind:

1. I'm applying the varnish incorrectly, I'm doing something wrong.

2. I was fooled, the kit or varnish I bought is of poor quality.

3. Am I the only one having this problem? Let's look online and see what the Girls think!

You are right to have these 3 thoughts!

If a semi-permanent varnish comes off after 1 to 2 days, it may come either from your poorly executed gesture during the manicure, or that your nails are damaged or even from the type of products used , which are not always suitable.

And you're not the only one concerned , it's a big topic of discussion, here and on social networks!

What is peeling varnish, let’s get this straight?

We say it's peeling when a piece of the polish, often on the edge of the nail, comes off and you can see our natural nail.

It happens that the varnish comes off at the base of the nail at the cuticle level or on the edge close to the skin. Some of the varnish is gone, it is a partially detached varnish.

Another phenomenon is that you can remove all the varnish at once, like a sticker . There too, it's loose varnish.

The 9 possible reasons why your semi-permanent varnish is peeling off.

1. Poor adhesion due to your damaged nail plate

Brittle, cracked, soft, streaked nails, with white or yellow spots... are signs of a damaged, weakened nail plate or a damaged matrix (know everything about the nail matrix) .

Nails are often damaged due to products applied to them (poor quality varnish, glue, nail polish remover), poor application or removal techniques (done alone or in an institute, yes it exists), or everyday accidents ( hit on the nail, or cut finger and nail, or stuck in a door for example).

To help you, you can read how to properly remove your semi-permanent varnish, without acetone?

A damaged nail surface is an assurance that nothing will stick to your nail. Well maintained, nails can be very resistant and can adhere to the best varnishes. How to make your nails as strong as concrete?

Before you can apply your semi-permanent varnish again, you will have to wait 2 to 8 weeks for your nail to strengthen or even grow back completely (complete regrowth = approximately 8 weeks).

2. Preparation - poorly removed small skins

Preparing your nail determines the success of your manicure. All cuticles and small skin must be pushed back from the nail. It must be made matt with a sanding polisher or using a fine-grained file.

Then dust well, and clean to remove impurities from the nail.

If there are particles or skin left between the varnish and the nail, it will come off, that's for sure.

3. Preparation – poorly done degreasing

When preparing your nails, to improve adhesion, remove all substances from the nail surface (oil, cream or lotion). Degrease your nails with a primer, or a 70° alcohol solution . Avoid cream or oil during the manicure, they are applied after the manicure is finished.

4. The varnish sticks, dries poorly and leaves marks

Alongside the problems of loose varnish, you sometimes encounter varnish that sticks and leaves marks . Several reasons, either the varnish is of poor quality, too liquid with an unsuitable hardener, or your lamp is not powerful enough. You want to know more, then find our article dedicated to this subject .

5. Application - the varnish on the tip of the nail comes off

The most common cause of your dissatisfaction with semi-permanent varnish: the varnish comes off on the front of the nail , called the free edge of the nail,

Air has managed to slip between your nail and the polish. To avoid this, when applying, edging the nail is essential .

Bordering the nail is the act of going over the edge, and the beginning of the underside of the free edge to slide the varnish and that the installation is well airtight. It's like tucking in your bed!

Border each layer, close the varnish tightly on the nail , and your peeling problems will be resolved.

6. Installation - drying time

The drying time of your varnish is specified according to the material of the varnish and the UV, or LED, or UV/LED lamp that you have. If the time is not respected, if it is too short, then this can cause the varnish to peel off completely, like a sticker.

For Awahena varnishes with our UV/LED lamps, the drying time is 60 seconds.

For varnishes from other brands (Indigo, Meanail or Manucurist), you will need to look on the manufacturer's website.

You have any doubts about the power and technology of your lamp, find out more?

7. Installation - avoid the skin around the nail

When you apply nail polish, and even more so semi-permanent, avoid putting it on your skin!

As it hardens, the varnish will adhere to the skin, and at the first movement, or pressure on the finger, the varnish on your supple skin, often not degreased, will come off. This causes the varnish on the skin and also part of the varnish on the nail. The break will not be clear at the edge of the nail, even if we would like it to.

It is often on the sides and cuticles that this occurs.

Also read: how to apply my nail polish without touching the skin during application?

8. After installation - file or scrape

Once the application is done, it is important not to file, nor scratch and even less bite the edges of the nails . Do not remove the line of varnish under your free edge, because all your application will be in vain. Air, water or dust could slip into the tip of the nail with the risk of causing the varnish to break off.

Putting your fingers in your mouth should be avoided, it is both unsightly to bite your nails and on the other hand, it encourages breakage of the varnish and allows it to come off easily .

9. Product quality and compatibility

This is a common problem with low quality brands of semi-permanent nail polish . The varnish will come off more quickly, will crack, or even not dry under the lamp. Attractive prices for varnishes delivered from abroad are practical for your wallet, but not necessarily for the quality and your health.

These varnishes do not always meet the criteria of a good semi-permanent varnish , without allergenic and non-carcinogenic substances. So be vigilant for your health, your nails, and your satisfaction, opt for certified, vegan varnishes, whose brand is established in France and recognized.

Likewise, not all lamps and varnishes are made by catalyzing together. Check the indications on the lamp to ensure that it dries the varnishes you have.

At Awahena our varnishes are certified, meet all standards for your health, and they are designed for a perfect result with our lamps. As for low prices, take advantage of 6 varnishes purchased for €30 instead of €93.

Here are the 9 reasons for separation, and advice to avoid them.

Before we leave you, one last tip if one of your nails is ruined with polish peeling.

What to do when the varnish is peeled off?

If your semi-permanent varnish comes off, there are 2 possibilities.

1. The detachment is complete or more than halfway:

then remove all the varnish from this nail, and redo the application for that one.

Apply nail polish remover to the remaining polish, wash your hand to remove the nail polish remover, and repeat the manicure on that nail using the tips given above.

2. The peeling is minor, so touching up your varnish is possible:

You put varnish back in the affected area in this case and dry it. Then you apply a full coat to your nail, edge well, and let it dry.

In summary, preventing the varnish from peeling off mainly involves a well-performed manicure:
  • Prepare your nails properly: clean and degrease.
  • Do not apply varnish to cuticles
  • Apply thin layers
  • Ensure that the layer is well catalyzed before applying the next one
  • Border the nail
  • Use products from the same brand, some are not compatible.
  • Check the power of your lamp and the drying time of your varnish
  • With all these tips, you will have perfectly manicured nails for at least 10 days!

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